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To Stretch or Not To Stretch – What Runners Should Know

stretching While some runners say stretching is vital to performance and muscle health, others conclude that more dynamic warmups benefit a good run over stretching.

Taking a look at how muscles work together, what stretching really does for the body, and when it is best performed, this quick guide can help answer some of your most pressing stretching questions: Continue Reading →


Running and Posture

lady slouchingIs your running form suffering from bad posture? How you sit, stand, and carry yourself off the pavement has a big impact on your own body mechanics and running efficiency when you’re on the pavement. Spinal alignment, balanced and flexible hips, and limber, pain-free muscles are a postural recipe for successful running technique that can make a big difference in your next marathon. Continue Reading →


Tips for Senior Marathon Runners

-By Jess Walter

The number of senior citizens running marathons is growing. Some of these runners have been running all their lives and can’t fathom doing anything else. Others have taken up running later in life and have gotten attracted to the health benefits running provides. Either way, there’s no reason you can’t run a marathon in your 60s, 70s, or even older. Continue Reading →


Home Gyms: Are They Worth It?

Posted December 8th 2021.

Health and fitness should be simple and practical. From moving with meaning to lifting the weights with efficiency and perfect form, that is how improving your physical fitness should be. On the other hand, packing your stuff in a bag, climbing in your car, and traveling for miles just to go to your gym is not. Continue Reading →


Importance of Running for Elementary Students

Physical education is crucial for the development of elementary students. Elementary students involved in running/exercise have a lower risk of suffering from chronic disease, obesity, diabetes, and depression. It might even help them get to sleep faster. As per one study, exercises including running resulted in quick sleep and improved sleeping time. The more you exercise, the more you are in need of sleep. Therefore, after running, you won’t travel across your bed trying to fall asleep. Continue Reading →


Best Workout Tips To Improve Muscular and Cardiovascular Endurance

It’s perfectly fine to work out and train at your own pace. But once your body gets used to it, you must learn to go past the beginner’s stage. Note that doing the same activity all the time can lead to plateau and demotivation. Your body adapts to the daily workload but may stop responding unless you change your workout routine or activity level. Continue Reading →