You Can Take up Running at Any Age

There’s a reason for which so many people say that this is an excellent way to conquer your own limits and stay in top shape. However, we know that some of you might think that after a certain age this is no longer an option.

This could not be further from the truth, as studies have shown that people who take up running in their 50s or even older can become as well-muscled as runners who have been doing this for a much longer time. In the end, all you need is the right motivation and a training program.

On the other hand, before going out in the park or on a running track, there are several things you should take into consideration, to make sure that you are well prepared for the experience. Also, if this is the first time that you are going to train for running, you should consider asking a specialist for guidance, especially in the beginning.

Have a complete physical exam
The first thing you should do is schedule a visit to your doctor before you start any training. This is where you should discuss your plans to work out and start running, and see if there are any concerns you should be aware of or if there are any precautions to be taken.

After a certain age, things such as diabetes, a heart condition, or orthopedic limitations might come into play. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to train, as long as you remain within safe limits. As you can very well imagine, doing any kind of physical activity is healthier than doing none.

During the exam you should also note any important information on your weight, heart rate, blood pressure, BMI, or cholesterol, so you can track your progress throughout time. Of course, such appointments should be set periodically.

Choose the right equipment & select a training program
When we say “equipment” for running we essentially mean choosing the right shoes. You should head to a specialty store and get the necessary details from a professional, as having a good pair of running shoes is essential for your overall performance. If you feel any kind of discomfort, there’s a higher chance to abandon your plans, which is never a good idea.

A specialist can help you find out what pair of shoes is the right one for you, taking your body and biomechanics into account. The next step is choosing the training plan, which should always start at the current fitness level you are at. Most people start with a walking program and then develop their strength, slowly progressing toward running.
Walking is a safe and comfortable way for older people to start training, especially if they have been sedentary for a rather long time. By simply walking, you start the conditioning process necessary for running, but in a much gentler way. The same muscle groups and joints are activated, which means that you can then ease your way toward running.

The next phase will be mixing short run intervals into the walking process, this being very important for a smooth transition, especially since older runners usually need to go through a longer warm-up period. Once you start running on a regular basis, you will want to do so by exercising up to three days a week. It’s important to give your body a chance to recover as well.

-By Robert Hortingson

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