5 Hacks for Getting More from Your Run

Running is one of the best ways to engage in physical exercise and on the surface of it, what could be easier? When you begin to examine the art of running, there is a lot more to it than it seems.

We’ve compiled this quick guide to five of the things any runner can do to get more from their run and see better results while improving their endurance and stamina.

Examine Your Technique

Everyone has their own individual running style, but professional runners have found the best technique for anyone to use to get better results from their run.

‘Run tall’ is one phrase that many runners live by. Imagine there is a thread pulling at the top of your head, keeping your whole body up. If you sink into your pelvis and run more slouched into your frame, you will struggle to run for long distances without injury or discomfort.

You should also look at how your feet hit, or strike, the ground when you run. You want your foot to strike the ground in its middle for a mid-strike. Running on your heels or toes will lead to long-term injuries, and the discomfort in the short term will lessen your running time.

Add Short Bursts of Sprints to Your Jog

If you are regularly running you probably have a set route that you jog at an even pace. This is one of the best ways to begin running, but you will reach the limit of what this route can give you over time.

By introducing short sprint segments to a regular route, you can burn more calories over the same distance, and save yourself some time by completing your run sooner. Bursts of sprints can also increase your stamina over time, allowing you to consider taking longer routes than you have been able to before.

Make Yourself Sweat

If you are running to help lose or control your weight, increasing the amount you sweat can be a great way to get more from your run and achieve your goals sooner.

Many athletes run in ‘sweatsuits’ to increase the amount of energy their body burns while exercising. A more modern solution is a vest that makes you sweat while also helping with posture while you run. These vests can increase your perspiration by three-to-five times, while also being discreet, fitting underneath any running apparel.

Find a Good Incline for Your Route

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall and aren’t getting enough from your run, then adding an incline to your route could be the game-changer you are looking for.

Running or jogging up an incline can add the little extra challenge your muscles need to feel the burn again, as well as adding to your stamina letting you go further and faster on level ground.

Build Your Stamina and Endurance

There are other exercises you can do to complement your running, and give you more stamina and endurance to take to your regular running route.

Working with weights, bikes, and cross-trainers, and particularly rowing machines are great ways to increase your body’s overall stamina and allow you to go further and faster on your runs. Just a few minutes a day of exercise with this equipment can cut minutes off your time, or let you cover much more distance on your run.

Running is one of the best forms of regular exercise we can take, but without the right technique and goals, it is easy to feel like you aren’t seeing the benefit of your hard work.

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