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How to Nearly Fail at a Marathon

North Country Trail Run

North Country Trail Run

Guest blogger Jeremy Verdusco gives us the painful details of his first trail marathon. Here’s what he learned . . .

Plenty of books and websites offer marathon training advice. How do I run a sub-4 hour marathon? How do I properly fuel for a marathon? What’s the best marathon pacing strategy?

I read a lot of that advice. I tried to follow it. I’ve finished four marathons and plan to sign up soon for a fifth. I’ve benefited from many of those running tips, and disregarded others that didn’t help me.

So what advice can I, a mid-pack runner, share?

I want to share the lessons I learned nearly failing at a marathon. Read on and I’ll tell you what you can do to avoid coming as close to a DNF as possible without dropping out. You’ll want to read this because finishing a marathon in four hours is hard, but finishing one in nearly seven hours means true suffering.

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Adventures in Running Downhill

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Many people underestimate how running downhill can zap their muscle strength leading to things like cramping, heavy legs, sore feet, blisters, lost toenails and post-race soreness.

At my last marathon, The Deseret News Classic Marathon in Salt Lake City, about sixteen miles of the course was downhill. I can honestly say I have not been this sore since my first marathon six years ago.

In this podcast/blogpost I want to show you why running downhill is so hard on your body and how you can prepare for this challenge better than I did. Continue Reading →