Marathon Training Academy was founded in 2010 to empower everyday people to run a marathon and change their lives. We train and support runners through our online community for members (The Academy), one-on-one Personal Coaching Services, and Virtual Challenges.

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Our Story

After having a second child and moving across the country, Angie Spencer was looking for a way to get back in shape and change her life for the better. She ran her first marathon in 2008 and was plagued by training injuries. Deciding to tough it out, she crossed the finish line in 4 hours 10 minutes. It was both painful and exhilarating.

Angie at the Hartford Marathon in 2019

Determined to find a smarter way to train and share it with the world, Angie began a quest that is now Marathon Training Academy. She has since run 72 marathons (including 6 ultramarathons) with a PR of 3:19:55. She has also qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon and run a marathon in every state in the U.S. Her goal is to continue pushing outside her comfort zone and inspire as many people as possible.

Angie received her Bachelor of Science degree from Montana State University and has been a Registered Nurse for 21 years. She is also a USATF Level 1 and RRCA Level 2 certified running coach. She and her husband, Trevor, make their home in Pennsylvania and have three boys, ages 17, 15, and 11.  In addition to running, Angie enjoys reading, strength-training, hiking in the mountains, and dark chocolate.

Trevor Spencer (MA Organizational Leadership) is Co-Founder at Marathon Training Academy and producer of the MTA Podcast. He once hated running but has now completed 24 marathons, one trail 50k in the Rockies, 27 half marathons, and a Spartan Trifecta.

Trevor has run a marathon in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Japan, and the UK. He uses running to explore the world, meet interesting people, and share stories on the podcast. Read about his latest adventure here.

Comfortable in front of a crowd and quick with a joke, Trevor is also a speaker and emcee at marathon expos and loves to host in-person events for fans of the MTA Podcast.

Trevor interviewing Scott Jurek at the Boulder Marathon and Keira D’Amato at the Richmond Marathon

Trevor at the Richmond Marathon

The Marathon Training Academy Podcast

MTAlogoThe Marathon Training Academy Podcast was started in 2010 to inspire and empower everyday people to live healthier lives and achieve fitness goals by unleashing their marathon potential. The show features actionable training wisdom delivered in a funny and relatable style. Co-hosts Angie and Trevor want you to believe that you have what it takes to run a marathon and change your life! The podcast is downloaded over 100,000 times per month by listeners around the world and is a hand-selected iTunes Essentials running podcast.


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Angie and Trevor Spencer, the hosts of Marathon Training Academy, are cute as all get-out. They’re that adorable couple you picture spending their Sundays walking the dog and baking muffins. And maybe they do that, but only after logging in their long run to train for another upcoming marathon. And they aren’t just fanatics. Angie Spencer is a registered nurse and certified running coach with serious marathon know-how. The hosts tackle all manner of listener questions from marathon fueling to injury prevention to compression clothing. But the best takeaway from this podcast is the mondo dose of can-do attitude; it’s a feeling that lingers long after the theme music stops singing that you’re ‘well on your way.


If you’re training for 26.2, running Coach Angie Spencer and her husband, Trevor, have everything you need to reach the finish line. Having hit the podcast’s 10th anniversary in 2020, the duo provides plenty of training tips, interviews, and reviews of marathons from around the world. (Angie has run one in every state!) While they don’t always bring on guests, runners like Sara Hall, Dathan Ritzenhein, and even actor Sean Astin have all stopped by

Interviews on the MTA Podcast . . .

guests on the MTA podcast

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What Our Fans Are Saying . . .

Well Angie, Trevor, you both have given me motivation throughout my OKC Memorial Marathon training. 3:14 (2nd in age group, 56th overall) This is my 2nd and I’m already scouting a 3rd. Look what you’ve done : ) –Kevin J

Just wanted to thank you guys for your awesome podcast. Throughout my training, I have listened to every podcast and learned a lot. That knowledge helped me get a 73 minute PR!!! This spring I finished my first full in 6:09, but yesterday I came in 4:56!!! So thanks again for doing what you do…you really are making a difference in people’s lives:) -Kimberly Z

Angie and Trevor, I just wanted to say thank you for your podcast. I used it as part of my training during the last 4 months and have learned invaluable information. I am happy to say that I completed my first marathon with a time of 4:02:35 I was well on my way to a sub 4 hour time but was met with torrential head wind during the last 8 mi. I have another one on the books in a month and hopefully will be in that 3 hr time! Thanks again. -Brad C

On November 9th 2014 I completed my first marathon at the age of 68 with a time of 5:53 and finished 1st in my age group. 
Many of the tips I used to help accomplish my marathon goal was a result of listening to the MTA Podcasts for so many years.  While having dinner that evening after the race, my husband asked me if I would consider running another marathon.  With a smile, I replied without hesitation, and said, “YES”! Thank you Angie and Trevor for your podcasts as they have provided me with years of entertainment, and helped give me confidence …. “That I too can run a marathon and change my life”.
 -Anna, Palmyra, PA

Trevor and Angie, last weekend I found myself braving my Addison’s disease, pregnancy, 30 degree weather, and our first snow of the season to run my first half marathon alongside my husband! You guys are right–it really does change your life! Thank you so very, very much for your podcast and for sharing so much valuable information and incredible inspiration surrounding running! -Eryn L

Hi Trevor and Angie, I just finished my first half-marathon (part of the Dresden Marathon in Germany) since my baby was born last December. My time was 1:46:47- not a PR, but not too bad for having had a baby 10 months ago! Thank you so much for your informative podcasts. They are funny, too, and that combination makes the long runs not so long. Keep up the good work! Oh, and anytime you want to run a marathon in this beautiful city, you have a place to crash! -Karla

Hi Angie and Trevor, 
I just want to thank you for all the great information you provide to runners on your podcast. I started listening to you in the Spring of 2012 after I had my first child. After having a c-section I struggled to run
just 1 mile without stopping. Having already signed up for a marathon that Fall I was worried that I wouldn’t be prepared – fortunately I was even though they wound up canceling the marathon that year. It was certainly a long road back! Listening to your podcast back then and today has given me the inspiration, knowledge and entertainment I needed to get through those long runs. -Tracy

Hi Angie and Trevor, 
On September 21 I completed my first full marathon– the Huffin’ Puffin Marathon (named after our Provincial bird the Puffin) in my home Province of Newfoundland & Labrador Canada. I finished with a chip time of 3:01:47, which put me second place overall and first in my age group. I want to thank my wife Tanya for her amazing support and thank you guys for your great podcast. When I hit mile 20 I remembered Angie saying that this is where the marathon starts. Now I know exactly what she meant.  I always listen to every podcast when I jog with my two dogs.  Keep up the great work!!! -Lee

Angie, Thanks for another amazing and inspirational podcast!!! I just listened to the episode on mental toughness yesterday, and 2 hours later I was in labor. Even though I already knew I had what it takes, I needed some mental toughness to get through another natural delivery! It was such a blessing and perfect timing for me to hear your podcast when I did. I am a peaceful warrior! Six hours later and a healthy baby girl was born. Thanks for the encouragement! -Cari


We Love Meeting Listeners!

With MTA fans Fiona, Ron, and Brummell at the Beer Lovers’s Marathon

MTA Meet Up after The Richmond marathon

New York City Marathon meet up

Trevor with Simon Wright after the London Marathon

London Marathon meet up

photo credit: Mark Goddard

Trevor with Barbara and David after The Jungfrau Marathon

With long time MTA fan Jenny de Champlain in Calgary

With MTA fan and Zamboni driver Mike Irwin from Fort Nelson

Meeting up with Abel Orelove and Deb Russ in Juneau

MTA Meet up in Duluth

With Franziska, Andy, and Lena before the Munich Marathon

With MTA fan John Danby from Jackson Hole, Wyoming

MTA Meet Up in Cincinnati

MTA meet up in Berlin

MTA meet up in Berlin

Trev with Academy member Emily and her husband Even. She completed the full marathon looking strong!

Trev with Academy member Emily and her husband Even.

MTA listener Stephen Banderfield

MTA listener Stephen Banderfield

Angie with Academy member Addie Conder

Angie with Academy member Addie Conder

Race morning with Kirsti (left) and Wendy (center). Ready for rain!

Race morning with Kirsti (left) and Wendy (center). Ready for rain!

Pre-race MTA Meetup in Alexandria, Virginia.

Pre-race MTA Meetup in Alexandria, Virginia.

At the expo hanging out with some amazing people!

At the Des Moines Marathon expo hanging out with Colleen, Lee, Kristi, Christine, and Dan.

Angie with MTA fans Jodi and Glynda at the New Mexico State Park Series Marathon

Angie with MTA fans Jodi and Glynda at the New Mexico State Park Series Marathon

Meeting Christy and MTA fan from northern Nebraska at the Lincoln Marathon.

Meeting Christy and MTA fan from northern Nebraska at the Lincoln Marathon.

Encouraging our friend Eric Strand at his 24 hour race in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Encouraging Eric Strand at his 24 hour race in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

With our friend and MTA fan Jason Pina who gave us a place to stay and guided us around Boston.

With our friend and MTA fan Jason Pina who gave us a place to stay and guided us around Boston.

MTA Meet Up in Boston, Massachusetts

MTA Meet Up in Boston, Massachusetts