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How to Maintain a Healthy Immune System While Training for a Marathon

It is no secret that training for a marathon is no walk in the park. It takes a significant amount of time, discipline, and effort to be successful at marathon training. The amount of preparation it takes to train for a marathon can certainly take a toll on your body which is why many are concerned about maintaining their immune system while going through their training program. So, how does one stay healthy throughout such a grueling process? This article will provide some tips and tricks that help even the most seasoned runners reach the finish line of their training program. Continue Reading →


Benefits of CBD for Professional Action-Sport Athletes

Many professional athletes, from soccer legend Megan Rapinoe to extreme surfer Albee Layer, use CBD for its purported health benefits.

Numerous medical studies have highlighted CBD’s impact on pain, inflammation, anxiety, focus, and even energy.

Because of this, it’s no surprise that many extreme-sport athletes are curious about how useful CBD may be for both training and competition recovery. But how much do we really know about this compound? Continue Reading →


Are Endurance Athletes More Prone to Oxidative Stress?

If there’s one thing any endurance athlete knows, it’s that proper oxygenation is key to performance. Whether you run, bike, swim or are fond of combining all three, breathing is at the heart of training and execution. The name of the game is maintaining your target heart rate, to keep blood pumping and to ensure your body gets the oxygen it needs to keep you moving at peak performance. Continue Reading →


Benefits of Joining an Online Class that You Should Know

Online classes are common today due to the benefits they offer to both the tutor and the learner. The new normal is now a modified concept of education focused on online learning. Online learning is now one of the resources most learning institutions invest in and use to improve their services. All these learning centers, like Illinois Children Recreation Centers, had to adopt these education systems because of the benefits. With advanced technologies, online learning has also become a means of extracurricular activities for adults and kids. Before joining an online class, you have to think of the following advantages of taking online courses.  Continue Reading →

Calf Exercises For Toned And Strong Legs

Why should you work your calves?
Balance and correct proportions are staples of an attractive figure. You may have seen how people who tend to skip leg days have buffed upper body but thin and weak leg muscles. Such figures look disproportionately developed, and therefore a bit cartoonish and comic. And the same goes for separate parts of the body. So, if you want to have nice-looking toned legs, you need to perform calf exercises along with exercises that target your quads, hamstrings, and glutes, which are slightly more popular among fitness enthusiasts. Calf exercises will not only promote more balanced muscle development but also help you burn calories, improve your leg strength, and boost your calf flexibility. Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Boost Your Energy for Running

There is no doubt that running is a very difficult sport to get into, particularly If you do not consider yourself a fit person. Getting into running, although initially difficult, has so many benefits on both your mind and your body that it is definitely worth pushing through that initial pain in order to get to the fun part.
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