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Top Excursions from our Road Trip in Europe

We drove from Madrid to Budapest and back

Roadtripping across Europe was a bucket list goal of mine for many years. This summer we had the opportunity to visit ten countries: Spain, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, and Monaco.

  • Total days on the road = 39
  • Kilometers driven = 7619.9 (4,734 miles)

Our kids came with us as we traveled to races, hiked in the Alps, and podcasted from the road. You can hear the audio recap of our trip on podcast episode 389.

In this post I want to share eight excursions (runs, hikes, swims) that I particularly enjoyed!

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Boston Marathon 2018, Staying Tough in Brutal Conditions!

Elite women at the 2018 Boston Marathon

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Weather conditions were completely miserable at the 2018 Boston Marathon. This included constant rain, cold, and winds hitting the runners at 25 mph! In this episode we give you an overview of this year’s race, plus we’ll tell you how to stay strong during tough marathon conditions.
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Heroes of the Marathon [Part 1]

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In this episode we share the stories of people who helped shape the sport of long distance running into what it is today. These marathon heroes set new records, defied conventional wisdom, and blazed a trail for others.

In this two part series we will be discussing five men and five women who shaped the sport.

The idea for this two part podcast was spurred by the recent death of Roger Bannister from the UK who was the first person to break four minutes in the mile in 1954. Bannister changed the running world forever. This got us to thinking . . . what runners have influenced the marathon distance in particular? Continue Reading →