9 Reasons Why Running Barefoot Is Good For you

Barefoot running is defined as running without shoes. In the past, people don’t wear any shoes and walk barefoot. But in modern times different kinds of footwear are made and used for different occasions. It is uncommon to see people without any footwear, especially if their running. But no one can deny the joy it brings every time you walk in your lawn or on the shore. The feeling of how the surface of the earth touches your feet with every step gives you warmth.

9 Reasons Why Running Barefoot Is Good For you

Based on various studies, barefoot running allows striking of the ball of your foot or with a flat of your foot on the ground. Also, running barefoot minimizes collision and feels much lighter than wearing running shoes. As barefoot running grows its popularity, a lot of people want to know it’s benefits. Here are the reasons why running barefoot is right for you.

Good Landing.

One reason people are starting to get hooked with barefoot running is because of the health benefits it can cause. This kind of running allows you to practice and be aware of good landing on your running surface. The right running form should let you land in the front or middle part of your foot. As you take every step while barefooted, you will feel how your foot lands on the ground accordingly.

When wearing running shoes, you tend to land with your heel causing stress on your foot to increase. It will be best if you will be aware of this habit so that you can quickly check and adjust your stride.

Aid your recovery

Barefoot running can also be suitable for those who are injured but needs daily exercise. Using regular shoes will let you land using your heel, which may cause an imbalance and lead to strains and injuries. Because of this, a lot of coaches and physical therapists recommend running barefoot. It will reduce any stress and avoid fractures. It will also help runners with their recovery and keep them away from further risk.

Saves You Money.

Practically, running barefooted gives you a good running experience without breaking a bank. You won’t need running shoes that are usually expensive, depending on the brand. However, its also important to note that running barefooted requires limited running surfaces. Since you don’t have an extra layer of cover on your feet, its highly suggested that you run on soft surfaces such as dirt or grassy areas. Here are tips to make your lawn suitable for running.

Don’t cut your turf too short- Mown your grass area to a height of about 1-2 inches to allow deeper rooting of the grass. Cutting your lawn too short will decrease the anchorage of the root system.

Make sure to keep the weeds away. Some weeds can sometimes feel painful when stepped on. It’s essential to keep them at bay using reliable weed killers available in the market. If you’re interested in getting one for your lawn, here’s a buyer’s guide you can use when choosing the right herbicide.

You Will Feel Liberated.

Running outside barefooted will let you feel liberated. You will feel the ground better, and it will encourage you to run more. As you envelop yourself with Nature, it will reduce stress and improve your health. It helps your immune system and enhances your eyesight.

You will feel more connected to Nature

What the right way of being connected to mother nature but to feel it while running your heart out. Some people could even think that running barefooted gives them a sense of belongingness to the earth, and they feel more connected to their true selves. This kind of activity can lighten your load and relieve the stress for people who are exhausted from the daily grind of the urban world.

Running Barefooted Can Improve Your Working Memory

Working memory or short term memory is essential when recalling information for a short term period. Studies show that running barefooted on dirt or in the grass area can increase the working memory capacity positively. The study observed than this activity can stimulate the working memory to increase up to at least 16 percent compared to running with shoes.

Barefoot Running Can Increase Blood Circulation

Another published study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine has found that barefoot running can boost blood circulation. This benefit is linked to the dormant muscles that were stimulated when running barefooted. Once these muscles are activated, blood can flow easier and allows oxygen transfer and prevent the risk of having heart disease.

It Promotes Body’s Balance And Coordination

The muscles responsible for balance and coordination are activated every time you run without shoes. It allows you to be aware of the space you’re occupying and helps you to stay grounded. It helps you to improve your sense of balance and create a proper form when standing or running.

Running Barefooted Makes Your Feet Stronger

Some scientist thinks that the feet’s tactile senses have been ruined by wearing shoes and have made our feet soft and weak. It is especially true for people who wear poorly fitted shoes when running. Wearing shoes for hundreds of years has prevented human feet from developing its proper size and strength. It makes the feet more susceptible to ankle injuries and fatigue.

Thus, people now are turning back to running barefooted, which can develop the feets muscles to become stronger and well equipped with physical activities.

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