How Running Helps Your Health

If you often engage in sports activities, you’ve most certainly enjoyed their health benefits. If you haven’t been that much of a sports person, though, the many benefits they trigger might make you reconsider your schedule and squeeze in some running, fitness, or tennis sessions. From the way you feel to the way your body looks, sports activities impact your physical and mental health positively and do so in various ways.

The last decades have witnessed the occurrence of more and more health conditions caused by a sedentary life. With so many emerging jobs that require people to spend at least a third of a day in front of a PC, it is no wonder things have gone that path.

Humans are made to move and the lack of physical activity can only be to our disadvantage. It’s true that it might be quite challenging to go for a run after a busy and tiresome day at work, yet such an activity can help you in many and different ways. From helping you get and stay in shape to freeing yourself of the accumulated stress, running comes with many benefits as long as you perform it properly.

If you still need a bit of encouragement and motivation, the health benefits of running we have highlighted below might help you think twice before skipping a running session.

Better sleep
Troubled by sleepless nights? Running might help you sleep better. Engaging in daily aerobic exercises such as cardio workouts, running, and yoga sessions can help you improve the quality of your sleep. Getting quality sleep will further impact your overall health.
Still, don’t expect to run for an hour or so and fall asleep immediately as it’s highly unlikely for that to happen. On the contrary, if you run just before bedtime, you might end up staying up late. Schedule your running sessions for the first part of the day.

Go for them early in the evening if your schedule doesn’t allow you otherwise, yet don’t run too late as your body will need time to lower its heart rate and temperature after a running session.

A fit body
One of the first things that come to one’s mind when thinking of sports activities, running included, is a fit body. Running will help you work various muscles, which translates into a toned body. Moreover, sports activities will help you lose weight if performed properly and no health conditions are involved.

Running for weight loss comes with a few rules you might want to follow for the best results. Whether you want to turn running into a priority because of the extra pounds you want to lose or just to stay fit, always ask for a professional’s help to make sure you’re doing it right and avoid injuries.

Brain health benefits
If you’ve ever had a bad mood and went for a run or a fitness session, you’ve most probably felt a mental improvement. Running is often seen as a great cure for bad moods. Just like other sports activities, running leads to neurochemical changes in the brain and these changes provide one with what is popularly described as an uplifting feeling.

The hormone release that occurs during exercising is one of the main reasons so many people engage in sports activities after a stressful day. Not to mention that breaking your routine and taking your mind off things feel like a mental rejuvenation. Similar to hobbies, sports activities will give your mind a break and help it relax.

Think of fishing, for example. Getting a rod for spinning and going out there in the middle of nature impact your mood significantly and do so positively. So do sports activities.

Furthermore, recent studies have found that exercising can improve various brain functions. Regular aerobic exercises can help you enjoy better memory, concentration, planning, and organizing. One more reason to include running and other such activities into your regular to-dos, especially if you’re worried about the mental decline that can be caused by aging.

However, always see your doctor before engaging in new sports activities and go for them only after you’ve gotten your healthcare provider’s consent. Hire a trainer to help you exercise or run properly and learn more about the dos and don’ts of this new activity.

-By Robert Hortingson

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