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Becoming a Sustainable Runner

In this episode we speak with fellow podcaster Tina Muir co-author of the book ‘Becoming a Sustainable Runner -A Guide to Running for Life, Community, and Planet’. Listen as Tina shares why she quit running in 2017 and what brought her back to the sport! Continue Reading →


Motivation for Your 2024 Running Goals

In this podcast episode we give you a healthy dose of motivation as you think about your marathon training in the new year! Hear how fellow runners are dealing with setbacks, setting goals, and taking on new challenges. 💪

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Running Doesn’t Have to Suck

Imagine you are training for a marathon and your plan calls for a 20 miler this weekend. Does that sound fun?

Have you noticed that we speak of playing golf, playing tennis, playing hockey, etc., but we don’t say, “I’m playing marathon training”.

In endurance sports we run, we swim, we cycle, we lift weights. We don’t play.

But we should play!

Play is a strong biological drive that helps us children develop and continues into adulthood.

From an article on The Importance of Play for Adults,

Playing is just as important for adults as it is for children. Among its many benefits, adult play can boost your creativity, sharpen your sense of humor, and help you cope better with stress.

The trick is to look at running as “play”. Here are elements that make running fun: Continue Reading →


Running Marathons for Fun, Who Does That?

Running doesn’t have to suck! In this episode we explore the relationship between fitness and play. Learn about the psychology of “movement play” and seven ways to have fun while training for a marathon.

And don’t forget you’ll have a great time as an Academy member hanging out with us online! Learn more here.

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40th Anniversary of My First Marathon

By Coach Adolfo Salgueiro

I still can’t believe that it has been 40 years since my first marathon. Four decades since that unforgettable January 22nd of 1983 inside the old Orange Bowl Stadium in Miami.

14,610 days have passed since that unprepared 17-year-old teenager crossed a finish line that became the gift that kept on giving.

Since I can remember, I wanted to run a marathon. Not sure why. Maybe because I read about the athletics exploits of Abebe Bikila, Emil Zatopek or contemporaries like Frank Shorter and Bill Rogers. Who knows? Somehow, I always loved the extremes.
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Episode #400! 🎉 Listener Voicemails

In this special podcast episode we hear from listeners about what motivated them to become long distance runners. Plus, Coach Angie shares tips on how to start (or resume) a strength training routine.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a voicemail recording to help us celebrate reaching episode 400! 🥳
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Do Hard Things! Interview with Steve Magness

In this podcast episode we speak with Steve Magness -performance coach and author of the book ‘Do Hard Things -Why We Get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness’. 

In this interview Steve shares what we often get wrong about resilience; the 4 Pillars of Toughness; and mental tricks runners can use to get through a long run or marathon.

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Interview with Tommie Runz

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In this podcast episode we speak with fellow podcaster Thomas Bailey, AKA Tommie Runz, who in 2017 decided to get sober and change his life.

He found a love for long distance running and ran his second marathon in 2:48! We know you will enjoy hearing his story.

Also in this episode . . . Trevor and I share a final recap of our 39 day road trip in Europe. Countries visited: Spain, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Monaco, and Italy. Kilometers driven = 7619.9 (4,734 miles)

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