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Do Hard Things! -Interview with Steve Magness

In this podcast episode we speak with Steve Magness -performance coach and author of the book ‘Do Hard Things -Why we get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness’. 

In this interview Steve shares what we often get wrong about resilience; the 4 Pillars of Toughness; and mental tricks runners can use to get through a long run or marathon.

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Interview with Tommie Runz

In this podcast episode we speak with fellow podcaster Thomas Bailey, AKA Tommie Runz, who in 2017 decided to get sober and change his life.

He found a love for long distance running and ran his second marathon in 2:48.

(I had a chance to co-host a live event with Tommie, Carrie Tollefson, Meb Keflezighi, Emily Sisson, and Emma Bates at the Boston Marathon)

At the end of the episode Trevor and I share a final recap of our 39 day road trip in Europe.

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100 Marathons After Parkinson’s Disease -Interview with Rhonda Foulds

Rhonda is in the blue shirt to the right of the banner.

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Interview with Rhonda Foulds

In this episode we speak with longtime listener and Academy member Rhonda Foulds who competed 100 marathons after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and undergoing multiple brain surgeries! Plus Angie answers a question from a listener who asks, “Can I Really Run a Marathon?”. Continue Reading →


How to Stay Motivated When Your Race is Cancelled

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Because of the Corona Virus so many spring races have been cancelled or postponed. It’s really felt like dominos falling!

Just this past past week we’ve learned that the Boston Marathon will be moving to mid-September and London will be early October. And given the seriousness of the Covid-19 virus it’s important to take these safety precautions. Cancelling large events and social gatherings can save lives by flattening the curve of infection.

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Deconstructing a Huge Running Goal

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For some people dreaming big seems to come as naturally as breathing. They’re always thinking about a next adventure or challenge to take on. Their default mode seems to be “bring it on.”

But many of us struggle with anxiety and self-doubt which makes setting goals much harder. I have to admit that my first thought after hearing about a big goal or challenge is often, “I could never do that.”

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How to Have a Good Decade

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This time of the year there’s a lot of attention put on goals, resolutions, getting motivated, and having the best year ever. I think there’s every more hype about it this year because we’re starting a new decade.

The title of this episode is based on a book I read recently called How to Have a Good Day-Harness the Power of Behavioral Science To Transform Your Working Life by Caroline Webb. Continue Reading →