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Favorite Books from 2022

In a recent podcast episode we discussed the books we read and enjoyed in 2022.

Angie got through 258 books last year (5 per week). I read/listened to a total of 59 (at least 1 book per week). Angie’s number dwarfs mine but seriously who reads 258 books?!

I usually have 10 books going at one time which reminds me of the quote, “My problem with reading books is that I get distracted by other books”.

In this post I share a list of Angie’s top picks from 2022 as well as my complete reading list. Enjoy fellow book nerd! 🤓

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Books We Featured in 2022

Angie and I are book lovers and we love having authors on the Marathon Training Academy podcast. With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d share a list of the books we talked about this year, in case you still need some gift ideas for a runner in your life.

Here is our list:

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Born to Run! -Interview with Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton

In this podcast episode we speak with Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton about how to experience what good running feels like. Plus, you will hear what the real-life characters from the groundbreaking book ‘Born to Run’ are up to today. Continue Reading →


Do Hard Things! Interview with Steve Magness

In this podcast episode we speak with Steve Magness -performance coach and author of the book ‘Do Hard Things -Why We Get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness’. 

In this interview Steve shares what we often get wrong about resilience; the 4 Pillars of Toughness; and mental tricks runners can use to get through a long run or marathon.

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Interview with Molly Huddle and Sara Slattery

In this podcast episode we speak with 2X Olympian Molly Huddle and 2X NCAA Champion and cross-country coach Sara Slattery about what they learned from interviewing 50 top female distance runners.

Molly and Sara share how runners, especially women, can have long term success in our sport. They also discuss running during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Their new book is called How She Did It.

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Favorite Books from 2021

As you may know I love to read! I finished a total of 262 books in 2021 (kind of a cool number for a marathoner).

It broke down to 131 fiction and 131 non-fiction. About 30% of these were audio books. Pro tip: with the app Libby you can get free audiobooks through your local library.

Below I provided a list of my fiction and non-fiction favorites from 2021.
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Interview with Abdi Abdirahman, 5X Olympian!

In this episode we speak with Abdi Abdirahman who represented Team USA at the Olympic Marathon in Tokyo at the age of 43. He is the oldest American runner to make the Olympic team and the only distance runner to make the Olympics 5 times!  In the quick tip segment Coach Angie shares tips on coping with cold weather running. Continue Reading →


I Hate Running and You Can Too!

In this episode we speak with Brendan Leonard author of the book I Hate Running And You Can Too -How to Get Started, Keep Going, and Make Sense of an Irrational Passion.

Hear why it’s ok to walk in a marathon and why you get to create your own definition of success.  

We also ask Brendan about what it’s like to make a living as an outdoor writer.

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Running a Marathon is Not Rocket Science 🤯

In this podcast episode we speak with rocket scientist and runner Melissa Corley Carter PhD who took on the challenge of running a marathon on every continent. And in the quick tip segment we feature a question about intermittent fasting for runners. Continue Reading →


Out And Back -Interview with Hillary Allen

In this episode we speak with Hillary Allen, author of the book Out and Back -A Runner’s Story of Survival Against All Odds.

In 2017 she nearly died at an ultramarathon when she fell 150 feet off an exposed mountain ridge and had to be rescued by helicopter.

She returned two years after her accident and conquered the course that almost killed her.

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