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Angie’s 50 State Marathon Quest

In this episode we take a look back at Angie’s 50 state marathon quest as she prepares to run her final race. This has been a 12 year project in the making!

Angie’s 50 State Marathon List (in chronological order)

1) Tennessee- Country Music Marathon (Nashville)- April 2008; finish time- 4:10:15
2) Arkansas- Little Rock Marathon- March 6th 2011; finish time- 5:08:14
3) Washington- North Olympic Discovery Marathon- June 5, 2011; time-4:11:21
4) New York- Wineglass Marathon- Oct. 2, 2011; time- 3:44:03

Angie at Wineglass Marathon, new PR

5) Missouri- St. Louis Rock and Roll- Oct. 23, 2011; time- 4:31:34
6) Indiana- Indianapolis Monumental- Nov. 5, 2011; time- 3:47:46
7) Louisiana- New Orleans Rock & Roll- March 3, 2012; time- 3:36:46
8) Kentucky- Kentucky Derby Marathon- April 28, 2012; time- 3:35:41
9) Illinois- Screaming Pumpkin Marathon (Peoria)- Oct. 26, 2012; 5:07:50
10) Oklahoma- Route 66- Tulsa- Nov 18th 2012; 4:15:08
11) Kansas- Garmin Marathon (Olathe)- April 20, 2013; time- 3:51:14
12) West Virginia- Hatfield-McCoy Marathon- June 8, 2013; time- 4:16:29
13) Montana- Missoula Marathon- July 14, 2013: time- 4:22:16
14) Utah- Deseret News Classic Marathon- July 24, 2013; time-4:21:16
15) Mississippi- Tupelo Marathon- Sept 1, 2013; time- 4:40:23
16) Ohio- Air Force Marathon (Dayton)- Sept. 21, 2013; time-4:14:26
17) Alabama- Rocket City- Dec 14, 2013; time- 4:07:23
18) South Carolina- Myrtle Beach- Feb 15th, 2014; time-3:54:43
19) Pennsylvania- River Towns Marathon (Danville)- May 3, 2014; time- 3:55:04
20) Oregon- Foot Traffic Flat- (Sauvie Island)- July 4, 2014; time-3:36:12

Foot Traffic Flat Marathon in Portland. Angie’s first BQ

21) Virginia- Marine Corps Marathon- Arlington, VA- Oct 26, 2014; time-4:33:17
22) Georgia- Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon- Ft. Oglethorpe- Nov 8, 2014; time-3:54:41
23) Texas- San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathon- Dec 7, 2014; time- 3:57:55
24) Maryland- Hawk Indoor Marathon- Dec 31, 2014; time- 4:14:04
25) Massachusetts- Boston Marathon- April 20, 2015; time- 3:43:52
26) Nebraska- Lincoln Marathon- May 3, 2015; time- 4:07:02
27) Colorado- Leadville Trail Marathon- June 20, 2015; time- 7:11:07

After the Leadville Trail Marathon in Colorado. Angie’s toughest race

28) Idaho- To Bone & Back 40 miler- June 27, 2015; time- 7:34:02
29) New Mexico- New Mexico Park Series Sugarite; July 25, 2015; time-4:48:49
30) Wisconsin- North Face Endurance 50 miler; Oct 3, 2015; time-10:05:07
31) Iowa- Oct 18, 2015- Des Moines Marathon; October 18, 2015; time-3:59:41
32) Florida- Jacksonville Bank Marathon- Jan 3, 2016; time- 4:17:40
33) Arizona- Lost Dutchman Marathon- Feb. 14, 2016; time- 4:32:01
34) North Carolina- New South Trail Marathon- March 26, 2016; time-6:27:32
34) New Jersey- New Jersey Marathon- May 1, 2016; time- 4:33:10
36) North Dakota- Fargo Marathon- May 21, 2016; time- 4:30:09
37) California- Shadow of the Giants 50k- June 11, 2016; time- 6:24:28

Coach Angie

Shadow of the Giants 50k in California

38) Wyoming- Jackson Hole Marathon; Sept. 2, 2017; time- 5:19:42
39) Maine- Mount Desert Island Marathon; October 15, 2017; time- 4:56:42
40) Delaware- Rehoboth Beach Marathon; December 2, 2017; time-4:43:12
41) Rhode Island- Rhode Race Newport Marathon; April 14, 2018; time- 4:23:21
42) Minnesota- Grandma’s Marathon; June 16, 2018; time- 4:21:46
43) Alaska- Juneau Marathon; July 28, 2018; time-5:19:10
44) Nevada- Red Rock Marathon; Feb. 23, 2019; time- 5:31:21 *speed walking
45) Michigan- Charlevoix Marathon; June 22, 2019; time- 3:39:25
46) South Dakota- Black Hills 50k; June 29, 2019; time-7:41:44
47) Connecticut- Hartford Marathon; Oct. 12, 2019; time- 3:29:32
48) Vermont- Nor’witch Marathon; Oct. 27, 2019; time- 4:05:51
49) New Hampshire- Manchester City Marathon; Nov. 10, 2019; time- 3:43:01
50) Hawaii- Revel Kulia; January 18, 2020; time- 3:19:55 RACE RECAP COMING SOON!

Revel Kulia Marathon in Hawaii, massive PR!!

Created by Academy member Jo Moore Baily

Also Mentioned in This Episode

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