Remember, You Can Do Hard Things!

In this episode Coach Angie shares four principles to help you embrace the truth that you can do hard things . . . and shares her favorite books on the topic. Plus, Trevor figures out how to do hard things the lazy way. Continue Reading →


2 Successful Training Blocks

Thanks to Michael Broberg for sharing his experience with MTA Coaching! He writes,

“Hello, I wanted to share that I’ve had a great experience with Coach Henry. He guided me through 2 successful training blocks!

I’m a new runner so the main reason I wanted to get a coach was to set up some good habits, avoid injury and learn how to train properly. I also wanted to learn about nutrition, warm ups etc.

I am very pleased and grateful Henry was able to provide all these fundamentals! Also realized a great thing about having a coach is that it gave me accountability and added motivation to show up for the workouts. Continue Reading →


Let’s Talk About Nutrition for Runners!

In this episode Coach Amber, RD, joins us to answer nutrition questions sent in from listeners to the podcast.

We discuss fueling with candy versus gels, the best time to carb load, hunger during those heavy mileage weeks, ideal protein intake, afternoon crashes and sugar cravings, iron deficiency, nutrition during peri-menopause, weight-loss, snacking, low-carb eating, nutrient combining, and more!

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Over 3 minutes faster than my previous PR!

Emily with her dad at the Colfax Marathon

Congrats to Emily N. on earning a PR at the Colfax Marathon in Colorado! She writes,

“I have been listening to the MTA podcast since 2018 when I started training for my first marathon. Your voices have accompanied me on many of my training runs over the years.

Since 2018, I have run a handful of marathons with my fastest being a 3:42:42 on a downhill course (St. George) in 2019. Due to the large net downhill of that race, for the past few years I doubted whether I would be able to beat that time on a flat course.

This year, I decided to finally go for it. I followed your 3:40 training plan and the training went very smoothly. I ran the Colfax Marathon in Denver in May and finished in 3:39:16, over 3 minutes faster than my previous PR.

Thanks so much for your effective training plan! I haven’t done much speed work since high school and this plan made the speed workouts very easy to approach and understand. I also liked that the plan only included 4 days of running per week, because I think that helped me avoid feeling burnt out.

Also, thank you for all you do to help the running community! I hope you get to feel the positive impact you are making.” -Emily N.


Invaluable Tools to My Success

Congrats to Academy member Lisa from Canada who just crossed the finish line strong at her 4th marathon! She writes,

“Hi guys, Just wanted to say thanks so much for the great podcast and all the awesome information that you share. I finished my 4th marathon on Sunday at the 60th anniversary of the Calgary Marathon, Canada’s longest running marathon.

I completed my run 45 minutes quicker than last year thanks to your training plan and strength training program which were invaluable tools to my success.

I finally met my goal of receiving my medal at the finish line instead of receiving it in the mail which was amazing.

My kid ran the last few hundred meters with me and then commented afterwards how tired they were and couldn’t believe I had ran 42 k before that. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work. -Lisa


Interview with Dr. Bradley Schaeffer, Podiatrist and Foot Surgeon

In this episode we speak with Dr. Bradley Schaeffer -a podiatrist, foot surgeon, runner, and star on TLC’s ‘My Feet Are Killing Me’.

Dr. Brad shares tips on dealing with heel pain, Morton’s neuroma, achilles tendinitis, arch pain, corns, blisters, and bunions.

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