Avoiding “Rookie Mistakes” on Race Day

In this episode we share the “rookie mistakes” to be avoided on race day as Trevor brings you (through the wonders of podcasting) to the Richmond Half Marathon. Plus, you will hear our nutrition coach explain adaptive thermogenesis and metabolic recovery!

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PR in just 3 months!

Here is a note from our coaching client Zach F. who worked with Coach Kris to reach a shiny new Personal Record in the marathon!

“I wanted to say thanks for all your help and support training for the Emerald Isle Marathon.

My 2:57:23 was a PR by almost 2 minutes and you made the entire training process easy and fun. When I trained for my race last year I felt extremely burned out for almost a month and got sick after the race.

This year you helped me reach a PR in just 3 months (over a month less than last year). I felt great and had plenty of energy throughout training. I could not believe how well everything went. Your advice and detailed running plans made a huge difference for me.” -Zach F.


Born to Run! -Interview with Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton

In this podcast episode we speak with Christopher McDougall and Eric Orton about how to experience what good running feels like. Plus, you will hear what the real-life characters from the groundbreaking book ‘Born to Run’ are up to today. Continue Reading →


Interview with Claire Bartholic, The Planted Runner

In this podcast episode we speak with plant-based runner and fellow podcaster Claire Bartholic.

Claire explains how she took an hour off her marathon time to ultimately run a PR of 2:58 at the age of 42! What are the keys that allowed her to make such a dramatic improvement in the marathon? Let’s find out!

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I feel strong and fit

Here is a note from one of our clients, Elizabeth, to her coach -MTA Coach Athena. Shared with permission. This is what we live for!

“Thanks for all your coaching and support. Before you were coaching me, I was struggling, feeling like I was not going to be able to feel good when running ever again. But I feel strong and fit.

I am 43 lbs lighter. You helped me to run PRs in the 5k and 10k and one of my fastest half marathon times. I just can’t say enough about what a difference it made. I know I can hit the 4:30 marathon eventually. You’re a really great coach.” -Elizabeth S.


Race Recap: Lessons Learned from 70 Marathons!

In this podcast episode Angie recaps the Wineglass Marathon in New York and shares lessons learned from running 70 marathons. She’s keeping it real and sharing the beautiful and “horrible” struggle that can ensue over the course of 26.2 miles.

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“My face hurt because of how much I was smiling”

Congrats to community member Joanna R. on running her first marathon!

Thank you Angie and Trevor and the entire MTA community, I did my first marathon today- Chicago marathon. I was supposed to do it in 2020. I’ve been listening to the MTA Podcast since then and truly it has been so helpful in my training and keeping me motivated.

My face hurt because of how much I was smiling. Well, everything hurts but I felt SO GOOD! It was an incredible experience and I finished feeling so strong.

I ran it with my husband, who struggled with extreme nausea for the last 6 miles (I think he over dressed and had electrolyte issues) and our time wasn’t at our A or B goal- but I was SO proud of him for rallying, trusting my advice, and finishing with me. So between that win and how amazing I felt when we finished- I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I said this was the only marathon that I ever really wanted to do, but that statement went out the window today. I can’t wait to get back out there again, and actually my husband said he would do it again too (he needs a redemption marathon!)


“Run a marathon and change your life.” I can honestly say that statement is true!

Check out this awesome write-up from a first time marathoner in our podcast audience. Congrats Katelyn Mann on conquering 26.2!!

“Well I did it, I ran my first marathon!

Yesterday’s Twin Cities Marathon race was beautiful. It was a perfect morning, but the afternoon did get warm in the later miles. The crowds were unbelievable.

People say is a 26.2 mile block party and they are not kidding.

Seeing my family along the course was the best part though. I felt really good for the first 20 miles, but all the hills from 20-23 were hard, and by 23 I was ready to be done. Continue Reading →


Running Every Day for 1,000 Days

Academy member Mike McMullan shares what it was like to do a 1,000 day running streak (at least 1 mile per day). Mike makes his living as a cardiologist. He writes,

“Reflections on my 1,000 day journey. I began a running streak on Jan 1, 2020. The first day of a new decade seemed a great time to rededicate myself to some healthy habits, and although a regular runner since 2007, I had never done a run streak. I also decided it was a great time to close all of my rings on my Apple Watch everyday. Yes, my obsessive compulsive tendencies certainly played a role in accomplishing both of these goals.

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Do Hard Things! Interview with Steve Magness

In this podcast episode we speak with Steve Magness -performance coach and author of the book ‘Do Hard Things -Why We Get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness’. 

In this interview Steve shares what we often get wrong about resilience; the 4 Pillars of Toughness; and mental tricks runners can use to get through a long run or marathon.

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