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The Science Behind 4 Popular Muscle Recovery Trends

Interested in what scientific research has to say about muscle recovery? Loads of athletes and marathon runners tout various techniques when it comes to helping muscles recover and preventing delayed onset muscle soreness after intense training. If you’re looking to sift through the claims and find real science-backed recovery methods, don’t miss this quick guide: Continue Reading →


10 Warning Signs That You’re Running Too Much

You love running. Your friends praise your efforts on social media. You are the pinnacle of health. You’ve never felt better. So you keep on running. Faster. Longer distances. Until one day… you completely fall to pieces. Sad but true: there is such a thing as running too much, and this type of overtraining can unravel all of your hard work and stop you immediately in your tracks. Rather take a break before you break yourself, by maintaining a careful watch on the following warning signs. Continue Reading →


Ways to Stay Fit with Injured Knees

A knee injury may dramatically hinder your running schedule, but this is not an excuse to lie down and give up. In fact, now more than ever you need to stay fit in order to help your body heal properly, by maintaining flexible joints while avoiding any high impact movements. To do this, look at your dilemma as a blessing in disguise, perhaps an opportunity to embark on something brand new, and try this list of suggestions to begin this fresh journey. Continue Reading →

Health 101 for Runners

The good news is it does not require a lot for a person to become a recreational runner since all you need is a good pair of running shoes and a strong desire to reach the finish line. Running is a great form of aerobic exercise. It triggers runner’s high (a general sense of well-being and fitness because of regular physical activity). Continue Reading →


Four Strength Exercises Every Runner Should be Doing

Many runners don’t realize that their workouts need to consist of more than just running. While running is a great cardiovascular exercise, pure cardio without strength training can increase your risk of injury. Research shows that runners who include strength workouts in their routine also outperform those who purely focus on cardio and endurance training.

If you’re not sure how to incorporate strength training into your workout regimen, keep reading. Listed below are four great exercises that every runner (and everybody in general) should be doing regularly.   Continue Reading →


Muscle Fatigue in Marathon Training: Prevention and Recovery Tips

The sheer endurance required in marathon running is astounding. Runners who suffer from muscle fatigue, however, may experience impaired concentration that inhibits performance during a marathon. 

Contrary to common believe, muscle fatigue isn’t always inevitable though it can occur even with trained athletes. Research also indicates that novice runners have higher a risk for injuries and fatigue for every 1000 hours spent running. Lack of energy and soreness can get in the way of finishing training much less a marathon itself. Don’t miss this quick guide to muscle fatigue prevention and recovery: Continue Reading →


Protect Your Knees While Running

While running is one of the best ways you can gradually train your body and potentially get into the best shape of your life, it comes with some caveats that you must keep in mind. One of the most common injuries that occur amongst runners is some type of knee injury, i.e. “runner’s knee,” and even the most benign twinges in the knees can be a sign of painful things to come. Fortunately, there are simple tactics you can take to prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. Continue Reading →


Runners with High Arches

Flat feet get a lot of hype as they make running hard, but if you have high arches, running can be equally challenging, even painful. Running without proper shoes and care can lead to problems with your knees and hips. Moreover, if you don’t have the right knowledge, buying the right shoes can be a cumbersome experience despite there being a wide variety of good options available on the market. Continue Reading →


When Shin Splints Attack

Have you ever noticed some pain in one or both of your shins after a long run or exercise routine? If you have then you might have had shin splints at the time. Formally known as medial tibial stress syndrome, shin splints can vary in level of severity and pain. More often than not, you will know if you have this injury because of its ability to cause significant amounts of pain with each step you take. It may even hurt to simply raise your toes if you have a bad case. Continue Reading →


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