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Cronometer App for Marathoners

Committing to run 42 kilometres (or 26.2 miles) isn’t for the faint of heart. Endless days of pounding the pavement while training your body to endure such tough demands can take a massive toll on your body – even more so if you’re running competitively. When you’re putting your body through the rigours taking care of it as much as possible isn’t a luxury – it’s crucial to preventing injury and fatigue.

Enter Cronometer. The nutrition app that works as hard as you. Continue Reading →


Pre-Marathon Foot Care Tips for Runners

Between marathon training and race day, your feet take a beating. Even if you are wearing the most comfortable and supportive pair of running shoes, utilizing orthopedic aids for your feet, and taking special care between runs to soak and massage your feet, chances are they have incurred some type of injury during the year, i.e. a blister, nail damage, etc.

While typically harmless, common foot ailments can quickly develop into something more serious that can threaten your marathon success. If you are planning for an upcoming marathon, keep these important foot care tips in mind: Continue Reading →


The Importance Of Carbs and Protein When Training for a Marathon

Making the decision to train for a marathon is a big commitment, and it usually means undertaking a complete overhaul of your routine.

Many of us training know how important our workout schedules are and we know why we need to allow our bodies to become accustomed to strenuous activity. A big part of that transformation to ensure that you’re successful in your fitness goals is your diet. Continue Reading →


Preventing Common Trail Running Injuries

Has the trail marathon bug hit you yet? While ultra-marathons have kept many trail runners busy traversing 50 to 100 plus miles of trails in a race, the trend of running 26.2-mile marathon-length trail races continues to grow across the nation. In fact, the American Trail Running Association lists over 100 trail running events and races across the U.S. for the month of January 2019 alone! Continue Reading →


Why is Rest so Important for Runners?

When you’re training for a big race, it’s easy to develop a “no days off” mindset. It might even seem like a good idea.

After all, if you want to perform well during your race, you ought to train as much as possible, right? Not necessarily. In fact, the days you take off from running are just as important as the days you spend training. Continue Reading →


Endurance and Focus In Running and Life

Endurance is synonymous with difficulty. When a person is dedicated to a goal, endurance becomes a key personality factor. This also means that a person agrees to various unfamiliar degrees of difficulty. Pushing the body to its limits in a sports field is a common way for individuals to test their endurance levels. Marathons are the pinnacle of determination, endurance, and physical trial. What about those people who view single marathons as trite? What about the ultramarathon? Continue Reading →


Top Five Tips for Diabetics Who Want to Start Running

If you’re one of the 30.3 million Americans who’s been diagnosed with diabetes, you’ve probably heard some conflicting information about exercise.

You may have heard that exercise can make it harder for you to manage your diabetes, or you may have been warned that you won’t be able to lose weight because you’re diabetic. Both of these pieces of advice couldn’t be farther from the truth, though. Continue Reading →


10 Common Running Mistakes to Avoid

Not many exercises will burn calories and raise your heart rate quite like running does. However, if you’re not careful, this type of training may actually have adverse consequences, such as suppressing your immune system or even knocking you right off of your feet.

Thankfully, if you pay attention to your pains and recognize your own bad habits, you’ll quickly learn what your body requires to face these strenuous workouts. Here are 10 of the most common mistakes to be aware of.

Continue Reading →

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