7 Ways to Help Someone Stay Fit

Published on July 12, 2023

It is rare to find a friend who is trying to stay fit without a clear goal in mind. Whether they are doing it to fulfill a long-time fitness goal or running to support a cause close to their heart, as a valued member of their support network you can really show up and be there for them in many different ways. Below, there are seven big things you can do to help them.

Provide Positive Affirmations
There is a lot of power in what we say to our loved ones. Positive affirmations may feel cheesy in some contexts, but when you are a part of someone’s own personal cheerleading team, there is always a time and a place for motivational speeches. You can send a daily text reminder, or give them a quote when you see them in person to remind them exactly what they are doing and how great they are for doing it too. Make it runner specific, or channel the vibe into what suits them as a person. Whether it is for overcoming a difficult week or celebrating success, there is always a phrase that suits the purpose.

Go With them to Train
Don’t worry, there are lots of ways you can participate in a training run without having to get out your sports kit and running shoes. For example, if you are a golfer, you may find it fun to jump into your cart and accompany them on a scenic route around your favorite course. Just make sure that your wheels, tires and more are well maintained and ready.

Help Them With Downtime
Training for big events will always need rest days, and this could be your time to shine. Create a beautiful rest day routine every now and then and pamper them so that they can regain strength surrounded by the best company and devoted teammates. It can be something as small as an at-home movie night, or marking a milestone moment with something bigger if the time is right.

Find a Motivational Gift
There is also a lot of opportunity for finding the perfect motivational gift. It might be a new pair of their preferred running shoes to face the race or a lucky charm to take with them for inspiration and motivation to finish.

Assist With Mindful Sleep
Sleep is a core part of staying fit, and if your friend or loved one is struggling in this area then you can step up and help them. Talk about what the problems might be, and provide meaningful, tailored solutions to try out so they have the best kind of intervention in an area where it is really needed.

Be Forgiving
Your friend is taking on a major challenge, and it is your job to be as understanding and forgiving as you can be. They may not have as much time for your usual activities, and you can give them the grace of acceptance. Friendships are a balancing act, after all, and that’s all you can do.

Don’t Forget to Check In
Finally, don’t forget to check in! Training for an event like this is demanding and often isolating because it is so far removed from everyone else’s reality. Tell them how proud you are every day, and always offer your company when the moment is right.

Helping someone stay fit can mean many different things. It might be practical support, or providing a nice gift to boost their spirits. Just show up, and mean it.

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