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Running a Marathon is Not Rocket Science 🤯

In this podcast episode we speak with rocket scientist and runner Melissa Corley Carter PhD who took on the challenge of running a marathon on every continent. And in the quick tip segment we feature a question about intermittent fasting for runners. Continue Reading →


Out And Back -Interview with Hillary Allen

In this episode we speak with Hillary Allen, author of the book Out and Back -A Runner’s Story of Survival Against All Odds.

In 2017 she nearly died at an ultramarathon when she fell 150 feet off an exposed mountain ridge and had to be rescued by helicopter.

She returned two years after her accident and conquered the course that almost killed her.

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A Runner’s High -Interview with Dean Karnazes

In this podcast episode speak with ultrarunner and Best Selling Author Dean Karnazes.

His new book is called A Runner’s High -My Life in Motion.

Plus we’ll give you a quick run down of our summer adventures in Costa Rica. We are currently traveling the country with our kids.

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Wisdom from Ethiopian Running Culture

In this podcast episode we speak with social anthropologist and 2:20 marathoner, Michael Crawley -author of the book Out of Thin Air -Running Wisdom and Magic from Above the Clouds in Ethiopia.

Dr. Crawley who has competed internationally for Scotland and Great Britain, lived and trained with elite runners in Ethiopia for 15 months to learn the secrets of their long-distance running prowess.


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Interview with Professor Daniel Lieberman

In this podcast episode we speak with Dr. Daniel Lieberman, professor of Biological Sciences at Harvard University, whose influential research has helped popularize the idea that humans are born to run.

His new book is called Exercised -Why Something We Never Evolved to Do is Healthy and Rewarding. Continue Reading →


Making Your Way On The Wobbly Road to Success

In this podcast episode we talk with the authors of the book Making Your Way -The Wobbly Road to Success and Happiness in Life and Work. In this conversation you will hear how to adjust and thrive as a runner when your training or your life takes an unexpected turn like it did in 2020.

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Rebounding from Running Injury

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According to some statistics 75% of runners will experience a running injury at some point.

When injury happens it can feel like a huge part of your life is in disarray.

In this episode we speak with Carrie Jackson Cheadle and Cindy Kuzma, authors of the book Rebound, about tools and perspectives that will help you bounce back mentally during periods of injury.

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Books I Enjoyed in 2019 📚

Let’s talk about books! If you listen to the MTA Podcast you probably know that one of my other great loves, besides running, is reading books.

In 2019 I was able to read or listen to 268 books total.

-133 fiction

-135 non-fiction (16 running books)

-Highest volume month was January (31 total).

For those looking for some recommendations, here’s a list of the books (non-fiction and fiction) that I enjoyed the most in 2019. Continue Reading →