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Hear us on the Strength Running Podcast!

You can hear us talk about how to train for your first marathon on Jason Fitzgerald’s Strength Running Podcast. Topics include:

Transitioning from sedentary to marathon with as little injury risk as possible; Differentiating between training to finish vs. training for performance; and Marathon training mistakes that are common among beginners. Listen here.


The Drury Hotels

If you’ve been listening to our podcast for a while you’ve probably heard us talk about the Drury Hotel Company.

I stayed at their Pittsburgh location this month when I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon. It is one of their newer locations, a beautiful downtown building that they restored. My room was just blocks from the starting line.

Drury became our first sponsor back when we were just fledgling podcasters. Continue Reading →


Shout Out to MTA Coaching

Big congrats to Carly Crevier on earning a PR at the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio, last weekend! 👊 This is what we love to hear . . .

“Just wanted to let you know what a great coach Steve Waldon is and asset to your MTA team!! His workout design and personalized adjustments helped me reach a turning point in my running and got me to the race strong and injury free. I got a 5 1/2 minute PR with a time of 3:52!! He is an absolute rockstar and I’m so grateful for his expertise.” -Carly


Weekend Warriors!

MTA’er Teri Mosher with Sean Astin at the #Run3rd 5k

Big congrats to all of our awesome members and coaching clients who are training hard, running races, and living life to the fullest!

Here are some of the photos and comments from the Academy FB group from this past weekend.

I’ve got to say . . . even when we are not personally racing we love the weekends here at MTA because we get to see folks are up to.

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The Gift of Training

Happy Holidays! One of our main goals with the Academy is to help develop and encourage you to be a lifelong runner.

And now is a great time to set yourself up for success in 2018. We’re offering a discount on membership through January 1st.

So give yourself the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. Get the Holiday deal


What It Feels Like to Run Your First Marathon

Here’s a message from the Academy Facebook group that illustrates the thrill of finishing strong at your first marathon.

Paula Soto completed the Bakersfield Marathon on November 12th 2017 with a time of 4:34:45.5!

What I love is that she ’embraced the suck’ of the finial miles and finished with a smile on her face . . . ready to do it again!

Listen to the joy in her words, we can’t say it better than this, Continue Reading →


Shout Out to Melisa and Bradley!

Big congrats to Academy member Melisa Robles and her fiancé Bradley who completed their 3rd Marine Corps Marathon together recently. Check out their signature finish line photo. We love it!

I can’t say enough great things about Marathon Training Academy! Angie and Trevor are absolutely amazing with their podcast and support! I really enjoy the private Facebook group full of runners on similar goals from all over the world. I’ll be using their training program again for my next marathon but promise to keep the cross training included. -Melisa


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