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Hear us on the Get Fit Guy Podcast

Angie and Trevor were recent guests on the Get Fit Guy Podcast to talk about how to train for a long distance race. It was a short but fun interview. Listen here. Topics covered include:

  1. The dangers of doing too much too soon.
  2. Why you shouldn’t always push your training pace in an attempt to feel “like a real runner.”
  3. Why it is a mistake to make running your only activity. Cross training is important!
  4. How to set a realistic time goal.
  5. Why you shouldn’t worry if your half marathon times don’t correlate to your full marathon times.
  6. Tips for race day, like finding the start line before the race, worrying about sleep the night before the race, and allowing adequate time to digest before you run.

Huge Weekend for Academy Members!

Academy member Manissa Gunadi after the Chicago Marathon

Last weekend was huge for many of our members and coaching clients here at MTA!

Below you will see reports from runners who completed the Chicago Marathon as well as the Twin Cities Marathon, Portlandathon, and other races. I wouldn’t be surprised if October 7-8th ends up being the biggest race weekend of the year.

Seeing this year’s medal makes me want to run the Chicago Marathon again (Angie and I ran in 2014).

Congrats to all the runners who dug deep and proved once again that they have what it takes to go the distance! I love to see how all the hard work and months of training paid off on race day.

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Participation Map for the 2018 Virtual Half

Registration is filling up for this year’s MTA Podcast Virtual Half Marathon! States, Provinces, and Countries shaded green are where runners live who have registered for this year’s virtual half.

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Hear us on the Strength Running Podcast!

You can hear us talk about how to train for your first marathon on Jason Fitzgerald’s Strength Running Podcast. Topics include:

Transitioning from sedentary to marathon with as little injury risk as possible; Differentiating between training to finish vs. training for performance; and Marathon training mistakes that are common among beginners. Listen here.


The Drury Hotels

If you’ve been listening to our podcast for a while you’ve probably heard us talk about the Drury Hotel Company.

I stayed at their Pittsburgh location this month when I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon. It is one of their newer locations, a beautiful downtown building that they restored. My room was just blocks from the starting line.

Drury became our first sponsor back when we were just fledgling podcasters. Continue Reading →


Shout Out to MTA Coaching

Big congrats to Carly Crevier on earning a PR at the Glass City Marathon in Toledo, Ohio, last weekend! 👊 This is what we love to hear . . .

“Just wanted to let you know what a great coach Steve Waldon is and asset to your MTA team!! His workout design and personalized adjustments helped me reach a turning point in my running and got me to the race strong and injury free. I got a 5 1/2 minute PR with a time of 3:52!! He is an absolute rockstar and I’m so grateful for his expertise.” -Carly


Weekend Warriors!

MTA’er Teri Mosher with Sean Astin at the #Run3rd 5k

Big congrats to all of our awesome members and coaching clients who are training hard, running races, and living life to the fullest!

Here are some of the photos and comments from the Academy FB group from this past weekend.

I’ve got to say . . . even when we are not personally racing we love the weekends here at MTA because we get to see folks are up to.

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