Photos from the MTA Virtual Half 2020

Hey hey!

The MTA Virtual Half is happening from now until the end of the year and runners are posting their results.

Big congrats to everyone who has finished their 13.1 miles.

Still time to sign up and grab the medal if you haven’t yet.

See photos here:

Beating the Snow in Ontario

A Family That Runs Together

A Beautiful Negative Split

Running Neighbor

So, Maegan B and I did a thing. We ran the half on Saturday!! And our beautiful medals arrived today! Woohoo!!! We ran the half on Saturday!! And our beautiful medals arrived today! Woohoo!!! Thank you, Trevor and Angie, for creating this beautiful supportive community and encouraging the world to get out there and being an inspiration to us all.
Thank you to all in this group for sharing your triumphs and your struggles and always encouraging each other.
And thank you to my beautiful friend and neighbor, Maegan, who asked me to run this race with her, who inspires me daily, listens to me ramble on and on during our runs together and loves me unconditionally.

Blingy Bling Bling

I Just Felt Like Running

Bringing Back the Original

First Half Marathon

Finished my first 13.1 ever today!So proud of myself that’s the longest I’ve ever run in my life. The last 3 miles was no joke! It was so slow but that’s OK I finished ❤️❤️❤️💥💥💥 I love the medal! So proud to earn it!. -Momo S

1:41:08 Half Marathon

MTA- Virtual Half Marathon medal came in today. I’m super pumped about it! I ran the half marathon last month with a 1:41:08 time. Thank’s Angie and Trevor for all the work that you do. -Christian K.

First Half Marathon

I ran my very first half marathon at 41 years strong with about one year of a running practice under my belt. Though I’ve been a yoga teacher for 14 years and practicing yoga for way more than that, I did not start incorporating strength until 2 years ago and starting running at 40. Thank you Angie and Trevor and Marathon Training Academy for this opportunity and experience. There will only be one first and I am so grateful for all that I learned. -Sarah Granato

With 11 Days Left

I finished my MTA virtual half marathon today, and enjoyed it immensely! A few weeks back I realized that the end of the year was looming largely in front of me, and I needed to set a date to do this race. I chose December 20th, just so that if anything came up there would still be 11 days left to complete the race. A few days after I picked the date I received an email from MTA telling me my medal had shipped. That gave me even more motivation to get it done. The medal arrived Wednesday, but I refused to open the package until I had completed my race. It ended up being great running weather and I got an early start. My husband woke up and ran a few miles with me and then made a finish line so I could finish in style. Now I proudly wear my race medal knowing that I have what it takes to achieve my goals. Thank you for the amazing community you have created, and I hope you continue to help us through these challenging times by putting on more virtual races! -Lorrainne

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