100 Marathons After Parkinson’s Disease -Interview with Rhonda Foulds

Interview with Rhonda Foulds

In this episode we speak with longtime listener and Academy member Rhonda Foulds who competed 100 marathons after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and undergoing multiple brain surgeries! Plus Angie answers a question from a listener who asks, “Can I Really Run a Marathon?”.

I first met Rhonda Foulds at the starting line of the A2A Marathon in Ardmore, Oklahoma in 2014. We later became Facebook friends and she has become one of my biggest sources of inspiration. Rhonda has been through a lot in her life and you’ll hear how she was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s Disease while training for her first marathon. In the years that followed she became increasingly debilitated, very tired and depressed, experienced weight gain, and needed wheelchair assistance.

In 2003 Rhonda underwent a procedure called “DBS” (Deep Brain Stimulation) which places electrodes in certain areas of the brain to block the signals of Parkinson’s. The surgery was a success and she began to reclaim her health and fitness one mile at a time.

Rhonda completed marathon #100 at the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas, on March 1st 2020. Here family, friends, and the local news channel were at the finish line to celebrate this amazing accomplishment.

Rhonda is in the blue shirt to the right of the banner.

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Rhonda Foulds social media. Instagram @runrhodie Twitter @kyleecoyote

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    What an inspirational story!

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