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Get prepared, run with confidence!

Thanks to Berenise for sharing her experience with our coaching services! She writes,

My husband surprised me by gifting me 3 months of MTA coaching for Christmas. It came at a perfect time as I was getting ready to run my 8th half marathon.

I was assigned to Coach Lynn, who has an incredible running history and she’s also a nutritionist – she’s impressive! I didn’t know what to expect but coach Lynn quickly helped me identify key goals and I was amazed by all that I learned. Continue Reading →


Ask the Coach Q&A (part 2)

In this episode we bring you part 2 of Ask the Coach Q&A as we field questions about nutrition, fueling, training plans, when to do leg day, breaking 2 hours in the half, perimenopause, running postpartum, how to race Boston, the impact alcohol has on training, and more!

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Tips on Running a Big City Marathon

In this episode we share tips on running a big city marathon, like one of the Abbott World Marathon Majors. Plus, we speak with an official charity partner of the Tokyo Marathon about literacy rates for children, especially girls, around the world.

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My Experience with MTA Coaching

Here’s a testimonial from our client Mark Arceneaux who used MTA Coaching to prepare for the NYC Marathon. He writes,

“Wanted to send a big thank you to MTA and coach Abby for my recent experience with MTA Coaching.

After getting covid in 2021 my next two marathons were a disaster. I thought my marathon career was over but a email from the New York City Marathon in February 2023 told me it wasn’t over yet.

I had thought about a coach in the past but thought how hard could running be and as a 63 year old experience runner, having done over 20 marathons in the last 10 years, why did I need one. Continue Reading →


Seven Questions to Evaluate Your Training

In this episode we reveal seven questions you can use to evaluate your training. These questions reveal the key adjustments, changes, and tweaks you can use to fine tune your training and hit your goals in the marathon. Let’s help you get “dialed in”!

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Fit, Ready, and Smiling

Congrats to our client Sandy Landers on finishing her first marathon! She ran the 2023 Marine Corps Marathon. She writes,

“When I first started listening to MTA I had no intention of ever running a marathon. Running half marathons was good enough. But after listening to the podcast for a few years, the seed was planted (did I have what it takes?).

I started working with Coach Cindy in January 2022 to get my love of running back and to train for another half. It was a rocky start but then I got into a good rhythm.

I enjoyed training with Cindy and signed up for the 2023 Marine Corps Marathon deciding on a run/walk plan. At the same time I started working with Coach Jesse at Metpro to help fuel the running and to loose the post menopause pounds. Continue Reading →


A Conversation with Kathrine Switzer (Replay Episode)

In this episode we replay a popular interview we did with Kathrine Switzer -trailblazer who broke the gender barrier and became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon with a bib number.

This conversation is a nice follow-up to our last episode about the first women’s Olympic Marathon.

Listen as Kathrine recalls what it was like to run the Boston Marathon in 1967, and shares tips on keeping fit in later life!

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The Story of the First Women’s Olympic Marathon

In this episode we speak with Stephen Lane, author of the book ‘Long Run to Glory -The Story of the Greatest Marathon in Olympic History and the Women Who Made it Happen’.

Though the modern Olympics began in 1896 it took until 1984 before women had their own marathon event. Learn the inspiring stories of trailblazing women who changed the running world!

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“Let the Race Come to You” -Interview with JJ Stark-Modlin

In this episode we speak with Academy member JJ Stark-Modlin. Once upon a time she hated running and was even advised that, because of her injuries, she’d never be able to run a full marathon.

She has since run 27 marathons and dropped her finishing time from 5:06 down to 3:32.

After a ten year journey she qualified for Boston at the Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon in Utah.

Her coach told her “Let the race come to you”.

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