What About Anabolic Diets for Runners?

Angelo Poli from MetPro joins us to answer a question about Anabolic diets for runners and the difference between a weight lifter’s metabolism and a runner’s metabolism. Get a free consultation with a MetPro Coach here: https://www.metpro.co/mta

Agelo Poli is a personal trainer, metabolism expert, and co-founder of MetPro.co. He’s worked with over 20,000 people to reach their body composition goals over his career.

Listener Question:
“I’ve been hearing a lot about this diet called the Anabolic diet. Have you heard of this diet? Body builders seem to use it because the diet is based on low calorie dense foods that fill your stomach while keeping you in a calorie deficit. So it’s mostly good healthy food, but has a low emphasis on fat, and they find a lot of low calorie replacements for traditional foods. My question is this, could this type of diet be useful to long distance runners? Especially those who are trying to lean up a bit for faster times. Secondary question. Can you talk about the differences between what happens to a runner’s metabolism and a weight-lifter’s metabolism?” -Stephen

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