We Helped Design a Marathon Training Quiz!

Hey folks! We helped design a marathon quiz for our friends over at Health I.Q. -a life insurance provider for runners. Check it out here. You will be required to set up a username and password but it is free.

The questions are based on knowledge that one would know who is actively involved in marathon training. Health IQ has found that your knowledge correlates to your actual health level (hence that name Health I.Q.). Here two sample questions:

Marathon Quiz -Things to Know Before You Go

How is glycogen used for fuel during a marathon?

  • For emergencies only
  • Through conversion to glucose
  • Directly as a drink
  • As low blood sugar injection

Which factor will often lead to long distance running injuries?

  • Ambitious training
  • Incorrect macronutrient ratio
  • Running too slowly
  • Crosstraining

Think you know the answers? Take the full quiz and see how you do.

Marathon Training Academy is sponsored by Health IQ an insurance company that helps health conscious people get special rates on life insurance. Go to healthiq.com/mta to support the show and learn more.

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