Information and Updates on the “Social Distancing” Run

Nutrition for Runners with MTA Coach Jennifer Giles
April 20th

What We Cover In This Video

  • Introductions: How did you get into running and coaching?
  • Should you eat to run or run to eat? (powerpoint presentation)
  • Hydrating for a long run
  • Eating for the long run
  • Running in the morning in a fasted state
  • How to decrease your pace to get faster
  • The best time to eat breakfast
  • Fueling during the run with “real food” and fueling products
  • How to prevent diarrhea while running
  • What should the composition of recovery meals be?
  • Reminders about the “Social Distancing” Run
  • Suggestions for a post dinner / late evening snack.

About Coach Jenn
Coach Jennifer Giles is a Registered Dietitian with dual Masters Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Columbia University, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, and RRCA certified running coach with 20 years experience. She believes that “There is an Athlete in Everyone” and with sound training and fueling guidance each athletes true potential can be realized.

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