The “Social Distancing” Run

Has your race been cancelled? Join our virtual race, stay motivated and earn some cool bling in honor of your un-run races. Between now and the end of May this race is open to all distances 5k and greater. You can run it at your convenience and we will ship you the finisher’s medal once we get them from the manufacturers.

Let’s persevere through this chaotic time and keep running strong!


Free Registration: (no medal or training plan)

Click here to register

  • Virtual Race Bib
  • Exclusive Offer from UCAN
  • Access to the Pop-Up Facebook Group

Basic Registration: $30 (USD) + Shipping


  • Awesome Finisher’s Medal
  • Marathon or Half Marathon Training Plan
  • Virtual Race Bib
  • Exclusive Offer from UCAN
  • Access to the Pop-Up Facebook Group

Basic Plus Hat: $50 (USD) + Shipping


  • MTA Technical “Trucker Style” Running Hat
  • Awesome Finisher’s Medal
  • Marathon or Half Marathon Training Plan
  • Virtual Race Bib
  • Exclusive Offer from UCAN
  • Access to the Pop-Up Facebook Group

Deluxe Registration: $99 (USD) (Four Months of Membership + Free Shipping)


Here is everything you get with a Deluxe Registration:

  • Virtual Race Entry
  • Awesome Finisher’s Medal
  • Technical Running “Trucker” Hat
  • Exclusive Offer from UCAN
  • Access to the Pop-Up Facebook Group

+ Plus Free Shipping And . .
4 Months of Academy Membership (normally $100.00)


  • Support – Super Amazing Online Community!
  • Knowledge – Dive Deep into our 8 Training Courses
  • Smart Training Plans – Beginner, Intermediate, and PR
  • Nutrition – Interviews with nutrition authors and experts
  • Fueling Wisdom​- Solve the biggest mystery runners face
  • Archived Podcast Episodes – Access to the MTA Vault
  • Injury Prevention​- A blueprint for pain free running
  • Goal Achievement​- Train to set a PR or run a new distance
  • Video Interviews – Watch us interview special guests
  • Mental Training​- A focus on developing mental toughness
  • Long Run Mastery ​- The right way to do long runs
  • Speed and Distance – Help achieving your running goals
  • Race Day Strategy – Take anxiety out of race day
  • Confidence – MTA removes the guesswork
  • Get Your Questions Answered
  • Stay Motivated – Become invested in your success

*This 4 month membership is a one-time payment and will not re-bill. If you are a current member of the Academy the extra 4 months will be credited to your account.


What is a virtual race?

  • A virtual race is a race that you can run or walk in any location (your favorite running route, on the treadmill, on the track, on trails, or while running another race). You have the flexibility and convenience of running it at any time of day and at your own pace.

What Distance is this race?

  • We decided to make this virtual race flexible since all lengths of races have been cancelled . . . from 5ks to marathons. So the minimum distance is 5k. The maximum distance is up to you. Let’s see how far you can go!

When will the race take place?

  • Anytime between now and the end of May. You may chose to run it on the date your race was supposed to take place. We use the honor system. We will create a pop-up Facebook group for registrants to share photos from their run.

How do I report my results?

  • We use the honor system. Most people post their results in the private FB group set up for this event, and a photo from their run. You can also email us to share your results.

What kind of swag will participants get?

  • Registered paid participants will receive a one-of-a-kind finisher’s medal and a marathon or half marathon training plan. We will feature your name and photo on our website (unless you don’t want us to). *Medals will be shipped out at the end of May if all goes according to plan.

When will my medal arrive?

  • Since the medals are made overseas and we will ship then out at the end of May.

Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes! We ship anywhere in the world. The cost of shipping outside to the USA is unfortunately not as cheap (we don’t make any money from the shipping). Many runners are joining with their running partners to share the cost of shipping. It costs about the same amount to send 1 medal as it does 2-4 medals in the same package.


  • Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund for this event. All sales are final.

Can I run this as part of another race?

  • Yes. If you happen to have another race this spring you can count it towards the “Social Distancing” Run.

Is there be a special Facebook group for this event?

  • We have created a special pop-up Facebook group for all participants to share photos, results, and see what other runners are up to.

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