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MTA 163 | Interview with Tom Foreman -Runner, Dad, and CNN Correspondent

MTA 162 | All About Running Streaks

MTA 161 | Race Recap: The 2015 Marine Corps Marathon (40 Year Anniversary)

MTA 160 | How Busy People Find Time to Train [part 2]

MTA 159 | How Busy People Find Time to Train [part 1]

MTA 158 | Race Recap: The Des Moines Marathon

MTA 157 | Marathon Success Story with Ryan Deguzis -Running Across the Driest Desert in the World

MTA 156 | Race Recap: Angie Runs Her First 50 Miler!

MTA 155 | Interview with Bart Yasso -Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World

MTA 154 | The Marathon That Got Away!

MTA 153 | Interview with Dr. Jeff Brown, The Runner’s Brain [part 2]

MTA 152 | Interview with Dr. Jeff Brown, The Runner’s Brain [part 1]

MTA 151 | Race Recap: Angie’s Double Marathon Pain Fest!

MTA 150 | Marathon Success Story with Gregory Cheek -Maintaining Three Points of Contact

MTA 149 | Lessons From My First Ultramarathon

MTA 148 | How to Beat a Motivational Slump in Your Running

MTA 147 | Interview with David Clark -From Self-Described Obese Alcoholic to Ultramarathoner

MTA 146 | Race Recap: The Leadville Trail Marathon

MTA 145 | Fitness Begins in the Mind

MTA 144 | Issues Faced by Slower Runners

MTA 143 | An Inside Look into the Life of an Elite Runner -Interview with Tina Muir

MTA 142 | Race Recap: The Lincoln Marathon -A Hot Time in the Old Town!

MTA 141 | Interview with Travis Macy – Ultra Runner, Adventurer, Author

MTA 140 | Boston Marathon Q and A

MTA 139 | Race Recap: The Boston Marathon

MTA 138 | How to Run-Walk-Run a Marathon, Interview with Jeff Galloway

MTA 137 | Qualifying for the Boston Marathon -Interview with Chris Russell

MTA 136 | The Ingredients of Success in Endurance and Life -Interview with Joe De Sena

MTA 135 | Q and A with Ben Greenfield

MTA 134 | The Case for Core Training -How Strong Core Muscles Make You a More Efficient Runner

MTA 133 | Interview with Sean Astin -Actor, Marathoner, and Creator of #RUN3rd

MTA 132 | Replay Episode! Never Limit Where Running Can Take You

MTA 131 | Interview with Hal Elrod -How to Have a Miracle Morning

MTA 130 | Indoor Marathons and Developing Mental Toughness

MTA 129 | Interview with Michael Wardian -Endurance Athlete Extraordinaire

MTA 128 | Just Go For It! Four Mantras for Attempting Great Things in Your Marathon Training and Life

Bonus: MTA 44 | Interview with Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano

Podcast Description

The Marathon Training Academy Podcast was started in 2010 to inspire and empower everyday people to live healthier lives and achieve fitness goals by unleashing their marathon potential. The show features actionable training wisdom delivered in a funny and relatable style. Co-hosts Angie and Trevor want you to believe that you have what it takes to run a marathon and change your life! Each episode reaches approximately 20,000 listeners around the world. The MTA podcast has been downloaded over 3.5 million times and is a hand-selected iTunes Essentials running podcast.

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