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Endurance and Focus In Running and Life

Endurance is synonymous with difficulty. When a person is dedicated to a goal, endurance becomes a key personality factor. This also means that a person agrees to various unfamiliar degrees of difficulty. Pushing the body to its limits in a sports field is a common way for individuals to test their endurance levels. Marathons are the pinnacle of determination, endurance, and physical trial. What about those people who view single marathons as trite? What about the ultramarathon? Continue Reading →


Top Five Tips for Diabetics Who Want to Start Running

If you’re one of the 30.3 million Americans who’s been diagnosed with diabetes, you’ve probably heard some conflicting information about exercise.

You may have heard that exercise can make it harder for you to manage your diabetes, or you may have been warned that you won’t be able to lose weight because you’re diabetic. Both of these pieces of advice couldn’t be farther from the truth, though. Continue Reading →


7 Marathons in 14 Months and 2,577 Injury-Free Miles!

Ryan Hoffman heard the common Marathon Training Academy motto, “You have what it takes to run a marathon and change your life.”

He did run a marathon — seven and counting, actually. And it did change his life.

Hoffman says he has always been a runner. During his fifth-grade field day, Hoffman ran a 6:55 mile — wearing jeans. In high school, his favorite event was the 800-meter run (in shorts) and in college, he ran to keep in shape. Continue Reading →


7 Tips to Quickly become Heat Acclimated for Your Race

Running and exercising in warmer weather tends to be more taxing on your body and requires more energy to remain cool.

Most running experts suggest performance impairments of between 1.6% and 3% in marathon times for every 10 degrees above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The exact ideal temperature (approximately 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit) is debatable and based also on humidity.

When you’re not acclimatized to running in heat, it takes even more effort to keep your running pace. This increases your risk of muscle cramping, bonking (hitting the wall), and/or being unable to maintain your goal pace (which leads to a longer finishing time). Continue Reading →


Meet new MTA coach Athena Farias

Running helped her overcome a traumatic childhood. Now, she gives back and motivates her clients.

By Henry Howard

Describing her childhood as “pretty traumatic,” Athena Farias found her escape through running.

When she was age 5, she considered herself to be all alone in the world. Farias says her parents were set to physically harm one another. She vividly recalls seeing her mom trying to shoot her father, and another time when he held a knife to her mother’s throat.

Farias was kidnapped briefly during a custody battle. And suffered sexual abuse as a child.

At age 12, Farias decided to go for a run, a decision that would be life-changing and life-affirming. “Running was my drug of choice at that time in my life and I am so thankful that I chose it.”

Immediately, she felt a sense of calm amid her chaotic life.

“I was gone for an hour or so and when I got back home I felt in control, empowered and at peace,” she recalls. “I knew that I could get through what life had handed me. Let’s just say it was my safe haven and I am here today because of running.” Continue Reading →


10 Common Running Mistakes to Avoid

Not many exercises will burn calories and raise your heart rate quite like running does. However, if you’re not careful, this type of training may actually have adverse consequences, such as suppressing your immune system or even knocking you right off of your feet.

Thankfully, if you pay attention to your pains and recognize your own bad habits, you’ll quickly learn what your body requires to face these strenuous workouts. Here are 10 of the most common mistakes to be aware of.

Continue Reading →

Can’t Sleep the Night Before a Marathon?

Big race tomorrow but you’re worried you’re not going to sleep? I hear you. Don’t worry you won’t be alone in that concern. Pre-marathon insomnia is quite common.

A marathon is a big undertaking, no matter if it’s your first or your thirtieth. Nerves are to be expected. A good night’s sleep however will make tomorrow’s twenty six miles go a helluva lot quicker.

Don’t despair, before you go reaching for the horse tranquilizers and sleeping through the starting gun, have a read our top tips to get a good night’s sleep. Continue Reading →

Everything Runners Need to Know about Treating and Preventing Torn Ligaments

Ligament tears, also known as sprains, are extremely common among runners. In fact, they’re one of the top three injuries that runners regularly complain of, along with abrasions and blisters.

Whether you’re training for an upcoming race or just prefer running as your main form of exercise, if you’re not careful, there’s a good chance that you may find yourself dealing with a torn ligament at some point.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about torn ligaments and how to both treat and prevent them. Continue Reading →


Finding and dishing out running inspiration

Cari Masek
Cari Masek started running in seventh grade when two of her friends thought they should all do cross-country together.

Her friends never showed up but Masek did. And she continues to show up as a runner (completing 34 races in 2017) and as a coach (eight teams and counting).

It was a slow beginning for Masek. She didn’t have running gear so she wore jean shorts to practice.

“My race times were slow,” she recalls. “I got picked on for how I looked, and of course, those jean shorts, but I didn’t give up. Continue Reading →


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