Switching Fueling Strategies Close to Race Day

Today’s question is about how long it takes the body to get used to a new fueling strategy. If your race is day is approaching, is there enough time to make the switch?

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Switching Fueling Strategies

Hi Angie So I know you should practice your race nutrition during training – I do this with gels and I’m now 4 weeks out from my marathon and I find it hard to take them on board. I just don’t like them anymore. I’ll stick with them as I’m not switching strategy at this stage. My question is, how long does it take to work a different nutrition plan into your marathon training? Many thanks! -Orla

That’s a great question Orla!

The time to work into another fueling strategy will vary depending on how sensitive your GI system is.

I was similar to you and primarily used gels for the first 3-4 years of running marathons. But then my body started rebelling and I couldn’t take any more gels after mile 16 without feeling like I was going to vomit.

I suffered through a couple marathons like that until I’d had enough. We’d heard about a new fuel called Generation UCAN and in desperation I tried it out at the Tupelo Marathon in Mississippi.

It wasn’t the ideal time to be using a new fuel but I figured the alternative was feeling like I was going to throw up the last 10 miles of the race. I used it during that marathon and haven’t looked back.

I’m not necessarily recommending that strategy (switching so close to a race) but since I was an experience marathoner and didn’t feel like I had much to lose it worked for me.

Typically I’d recommend that you use a new fueling strategy for at least two long runs (of 16 miles or more) before using it for a marathon. That way you know how palatable it is, how often you should take it, and if it will cause any GI distress.

I hope this helps!

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