How to Drink Water the Right Way

Getting enough water should definitely be on your priority list because it can help you maintain your good health,, but drinking water the right way can provide you with even more benefits than you might have otherwise thought was possible. Here are a few tips on how you can get more water in and some of the best ways to drink your water for optimal health benefits.

How to Get More Water

When you want to drink water correctly, one of the most basic tenants is to simply increase your water intake because most people don’t drink nearly enough. There are several tips that you can use to increase the amount of water that you drink.

Get High-Quality Water

If you don’t like the taste of your tap water, you’re less likely to drink it. You might not know what you should do, though. Buying 30 bottles of expensive water from the gas station every week might be out of your budget, but you can find plenty of other ways to get water that tastes better.

For instance, if you know of an artesian well nearby, go there with several jugs that you can fill. Artesian wells are filled with water that’s been purified by passing through rocks, which act as an aquifer. This water is safe to drink, and if it’s open to the public, it’s usually tested. Plus, artesian water has a taste that many people prefer.

Other methods that you can try include drinking water from a berkey water filter or buying filtered water in gallons in the store.

Add Some Flavor

One of the reasons that some people complain about drinking water is that they think that water tastes boring. What you can do without feeling guilty to add flavor is to add some freshly sliced fruit to your water. Watermelon, citrus fruits, and cucumbers are all tasty treats that not only make your water more interesting, but they also look great in a glass, which makes drinking water more enticing.

Track Your Water Consumption

Many people who don’t track their water consumption don’t have a very good idea of how much water they drink every day, and they often overestimate their water consumption. There are several techniques that you can do to track how much water you consume. One way is to use a water bottle with the number of ounces written on the side of the bottle.

Otherwise, know how much liquid a water bottle can hold, and don’t refill it until you’ve completely finished drinking what was originally in your bottle. You can write this down in a notebook if you have a desk job. Just make a tally wherever works for you. Another option is to fill up a gallon jug. The recommendation is to drink an eight-ounce glass of water eight times a day, which adds up to 64 ounces, which is also a gallon. What’s nice about this method is that you can know that you’ve reached your goal when there isn’t any more water in the gallon jug.

Drink Water Immediately After You Wake Up

Besides drinking enough water, you should also be mindful that you’re getting water at the right times of the day. When you wake up in the morning, you’re at one of the most dehydrated times during the day. If you think about it, you’ve gone several hours without sipping. Plus, the morning is a great time to flush out the toxins in our bodies that have accumulated overnight.

Drink Lukewarm Water or Hot Lemon Water

Some people love an ice-cold glass of water, but drinking it at a lukewarm or hot temperature can actually be better for your digestive system. First of all, there are many health benefits to drinking warm water instead of cold water. For instance, warm water helps food pass through the intestines more quickly because it helps dissolve fats more easily, and cold water can actually make oils freeze up in the digestive tract. Drinking warm water can even lessen feelings of cramping because the warm helps the muscles to relax.

Secondly, if you put some lemon in your water, it seems less like water, so you’re more likely to want to drink more, too. Also, the lemon in the water gives you extra vitamin C, and the lemon can even help prevent kidney stones.

Sip Your Water Instead

Did you know that sipping water is actually better than chugging it? When you’re trying to get enough water throughout the day, you might imagine that guzzling an entire bottle will be the best way because you’ll be able to remember to get it all in.

The problem with this philosophy is that drinking water this way can actually make you less likely to want to drink another glass of water in the future because guzzling your water can make digestion less comfortable. You probably already know that the pH of your stomach is acidic, but the pH of your saliva is alkaline, so swallowing your saliva actually neutralizes your stomach, so you’re less likely to have digestion problems. When you chug your water, you’re not swallowing as much of your saliva because you’re not swishing it around in your mouth. You’re also drinking so quickly that your belly will become swollen for a couple of hours.

Drink a Glass Before Bed

Some people don’t want to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, so they’ll forgo all liquids in an effort to reduce the likelihood of needing to urinate. What you might not know is that when you’re sleeping is when you’re at greatest risk of having a heart attack, and you can improve your circulation just by drinking a glass of water before bed. This will lessen your chance of heart attack and stroke, so it’s definitely worth getting up for.

Hydrate for Workouts

You’re probably already aware that hydrating yourself after working out is essential because you need to replace the liquids that you just sweat out of your body. But you should also hydrate yourself before you start working out. This is essential to create a balanced lifestyle. Doing this can even give you more energy to power through more difficult workouts. Try to get 15 ounces of water a couple of hours before you start working out. Then, get another eight ounces of water just before you start working out, and drink another eight ounces throughout your workout. If you do this, your heart won’t have to pump as hard because your blood will be thinner and more hydrated.

There are numerous reasons that you should get enough water, and it’s important to get the timing of when you drink water right to help with digestion, decrease the risk of heart attacks and stroke, get in a better workout, and much more. When you’re trying to get more water at the right times and with the right additions, start out with just having warm water with you so that you remember to drink it. Even a small change can lead to big benefits over time.

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