Year in Review: The Historic, Unbelievable, and Inspirational Running Stories of 2018

In this podcast episode we take a look back at the biggest stories in the running world from 2018. It was quite a year! And in this episode’s quick tip Angie shares two simple questions that can improve your training this year.

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2018 Running Year in Review

New Records

Eliud Kipchoge smashed Dennis Kimetto’s world record in the marathon by more than a minute, finishing in 2:01:39 in Berlin. This was his 3rd Berlin win and 11th marathon.

Gladys Cherono of Kenya won her third Berlin Marathon while setting a new course record of 2:18:35.

Molly Huddle set a new US Half Marathon Record at the Houston Half Marathon breaking the tape in 1:07:25 and beating Deena Kastor’s 12-year-old record by nine seconds.

Abraham Kiptum set the new half marathon world record in Valencia Spain. His 58:18 finish was also a 51-second personal best for Kiptum.

Zach Bitter broke the 100-mile trail world record at the Tunnel Hill 100-mile race in Vienna, Illinois with a time of 12:08:36.

Camille Herron won the 100 mile challenge at the Desert Solstice Track Invitational in Phoenix, AZ, while breaking both the 24-hour world record and the USATF 100-mile world record on the track. Herron, who is from Oklahoma City, ran 100 miles (160K) in 13:25 and 162.9 miles total (260.6K) for a new 24-hour world record.

Andrew Snope won the world 24-hour barefoot track record by running 144 miles/230.4K during that time.

Cynthia Arnold of Montana set a new record for a half marathon pushing a triple stroller when she ran 1:29 while pushing her three children at the Missoula Marathon. The kids were ages 6, 3, and 10 months.

Mo Farrah set a new Eurpoean record in the marathon with a time of 2:05:11 at the Chicago Marathon.

The 2018 Boston Marathon had extremely challenging conditions with wind, rain, and cold. Many of the elite favorites dropped out or performed much more poorly than they expected. In a surprising upset, Japan’s Yuki Kawauchi won in 2:15:58. He’s an extremely prolific marathoner who holds a job as a teacher.

Desi Linden won Boston in 2:39:54 after doing her best to encourage other runners like Shalane Flannigan during the race. An unknown runner named Sara Sellers placed 2nd at Boston and this has launched her running trajectory in an entirely different direction.

Jim Walmsley  set a new course record at the Western States 100 with a time of 14:30:04.

Gene Dykes of Pennsylvania broke Ed Whitlock’s M70 marathon record with a time of 2:54:23 at the Jacksonville Marathon in Florida on Dec 15th. This record may not be certified because the course was not USATF sanctioned.

Jeannie Rice, age 70, of Ohio ran 3:27:50 at the Chicago Marathon—smashing the 70-plus women’s world record. Rice, who still works as a realtor in the Cleveland area, felt fine after her marathon. She was back at work—in heels—Tuesday after the Sunday race.

Pete Kostelnick, who we had on a recent episode ran from Kenai Alaska to Key West Florida (a total of 5,390 miles in 97 days). He also ran a total of 10,000 miles in 2018 and was recognized by Strava for that accomplishment.

Pete Kostelnick

Karel Sabbe, age 28, from Belgium set a new Appalachian Trail FKT (fastest known time) by covering 2,189 miles in 41 days 7 hours and 39 minutes, which is almost 4 days faster then the previous time!

Karl “Speedgoat” Meltzer earned his 40th career 100-mile victory at the age of 50.

Notable and Interesting News

Sir Roger Bannister, the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes, passed away in 2018 at the age of 88.

Abu Dhabi ADNOC Marathon has its inaugural race this year. They offered a large prize purse with $100k to both the male and female winners!

UN employees called PRunners meet for a weekly run in Central Park. “Founded by the representatives of Finland and Liechtenstein, the group includes members from Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Lebanon, Mongolia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, Palau, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and Tunisia”.

The Wonder Woman Run Series was launched by DC Comics with five events across California.

The Bizarre and Unbelievable

Cheng Kean Wee, a pacer for the Penang Bridge International Marathon in Malaysia may have had his balloon save his life during a lightning strike.

The Honolulu Marathon was plagued by course cutting according to Marathon Investigation which claims that more than 300 people’s results show no splits for one or more timing mats but still crossing the finish line and claimed false finishing times.

Shenzhen Half Marathon in China disqualified a total of 258 runners for cheating after traffic cameras show large numbers of runners cutting through trees. Race organizers announced yesterday that there were 18 runners with fake bibs, three imposters and 237 cheaters, most of which took a short cut on the course.

2018 Telco Mexico City Marathon has seen an estimated 13,000 runners facing disqualification for shortening the course!

Ginette Bedard finished her 16th New York City Marathon in 6:19:01 at the age of 85. Bedard is quoted in Runner’s World, “I always thought to myself, I’m not qualified to do the marathon, those are superhumans. Until somebody told me, ‘What do you care?’ That gave me some kind of incentive, and I got addicted, because I was better than I thought. The assuredness extends to dating, too. She’s all but given up finding anyone “interesting” or “suitable to my tastes” after her husband passed away four years ago. “A man of my age is too old for me,” Bedard said. “[A man with a cane] isn’t what I’m looking for.

Proposals during marathons/races: There has been a growing trend of marriage proposals happening at marathons, particularly during races. This has created controversy with some people speaking out on social media that during a race isn’t the time to propose. Many think that it’s only proper to let the runner finish their race and not to take away from their hard work.

Brendan Morphet encountered two grizzly bears at August’s Yukon River Trail Marathon in Whitehorse, Canada, and lived to tell about it.

Highlands College students run a half marathon every year as part of the curriculum.

The Inspirational

Dr. Theodore Strange was running the NYC Marathon and came upon an unresponsive woman. He performed CPR until police came with a defibrillator. The woman didn’t respond until the third shock. She was transferred to the hospital and thankfully recovered.

Dan Leite crossed the finish line of the Columbus Marathon in 4:54:59 with a new heart, after receiving a heart transplant three years earlier.

Justin Gallegos, a runner at Oregon, became the first professional runner with cerebral palasy when he was given a pro contract from Nike.

Dave “The Washing Machine” Garvin from Australia, ran the Melbourne Marathon with a 20kg (45 pound) washing machine strapped to his back as part of a challenge to raise money and awareness for mental health services. He’s done multiple marathons, often in costume.

Matt Daniels of Australia finished a stretch of running 535 half marathons in 535 days to raise funds for Leukemia research. He’s no stranger to endurance events having completed 55 marathons in 55 days back in 2016.

Daniela Ryf a Swiss triathlete who is the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Ironman World Champion was stung by a jelly fish during warm up. “It felt like having fire under my arms,” Daniela told CNN Sport. “A bit of me wanted to go back to the hotel and cry but I thought that wouldn’t really help much,” said Ryf. “My team invested so much time to help me achieve everything. The race was my turn to give back. Her efforts culminated in a new course record of eight hours and 26 minutes. She has an incredible mentality which has helped her push through the pain barrier on countless occasions and remain positive throughout her career. “If giving up isn’t an option, you don’t have to think about it,” she said. “You then just need to figure out how to keep going. “The body only does what the mind tells it to do. I told myself I wouldn’t give up and that I’d be the champion.

Nate Viands, an 8-year-old leukemia survivor finished his first marathon 3:32!

Xolani Luvuno of South Africa completed his nation’s iconic Comrades Marathon, the world’s largest ultramarathon — with one leg. Luvuno, who lost his right leg to amputation following a bone cancer diagnosis in 2009, conquered the 90.184 km distance on crutches in an official time of 15 hours, 50 minutes.

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