Ed Whitlock -Sub 4 Hour Marathon at Age 85!

photo credit: Canadian Running

photo credit: Canadian Running

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In this podcast episode you will hear from Ed Whitlock -the amazing master’s runner from Canada who just set a world record at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

At 85 years of age he ran a 3:56:32 -a masters level record for 85-90 division.

Ed has been smashing records and conventional wisdom for years. Hear all about how he got started (later in life) and some of the unusual ways he trains. Prepare to be inspired!

Interview with Ed Whitlock

From Ed’s Wikipedia Page . . .

Ed Whitlock (born March 6, 1931) is an English-born Canadian long-distance runner, and the first person over 70 years old to run a marathon in less than three hours with a time of 2:59:10 in 2003. Whitlock became the oldest person to run a marathon in less than 3 hours in 2000, at the age of 69, with a time of 2:52:47. Since then, he has continued to extend this record, most recently when he ran a time of 2:58:40 at the age of 74. His best time since turning 70 was 2:54:48 when he was 73, a world record for men 70 to 74. According to an article in The New York Times, if age-graded, this time is equivalent to a 20-year-old running 2:03:57 and up until 2010 this time would have been the fastest marathon ever run. For an explanation of age-graded tables, see master’s athletics. As of 2016, he is still the only person over 70 to run a marathon in less than three hours.

Fast Facts . . .

  • Ed didn’t run his first marathon until age 40.
  • While training for a marathon Ed usually runs a 3 hour long-slow-distance run EVERY DAY!
  • Ed finds these training runs boring!
  • Ed’s running route is around a cemetery.
  • Ed’s racings flats are 25 years old
  • Ed doesn’t pay close attention to what he eats
  • Ed ran the Toronto Waterfront Marathon without wearing socks.
  • Ed doesn’t take walk breaks!
  • Ed has too many Master’s records to keep track of.
  • Ed’s favorite World Record was going sub-3:00 at age 73.
photo credit: Todd Fraser/Canada Running Series)

photo credit: Todd Fraser/Canada Running Series)

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First marathon of (hopefully) many is in the bag. I had a great run and finished in 3:38:44 and took first in my age group! Thank you to this group and to Angie and Trevor for all your help, encouragement, great information that kept me going through the tough miles! Scott

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  1. Deena Rocco November 4, 2016 at 4:13 pm #

    I loved listening to Ed. Funny and interesting. Going long and slow for training… very interesting. And very cool he will be running in Schenectady, NY , near my home town:


    the oldest 15k in the country …

    • Trevor Spencer November 5, 2016 at 6:45 pm #

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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