Interview with Deena Kastor -Let Your Mind Run

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In this episode we speak with Deena Kastor, three time olympian, author, and American Women’s record holder in the marathon. And in the quick tip segment, we recommend some post-run recovery sandals that feel like walking on clouds.

Interview with Deena Kastor

Deena Kastor might be the most decorated female American runner of all time. Not only does she hold the fast marathon time (2:19:36) she also holds the record in the Road 10 mile, Road 15k, Road 8k, and formally held the record in the half marathon, 10k and 5k. She has won the Chicago Marathon and the London Marathon once, and she earned a bronze medal in the 2004 Olympic games. She also currently holds the U.S. Women’s Master’s marathon record when she ran 2:27:47 at the age of 42. Her new book is called Let Your Mind Run -A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory.

In this episode you will hear how Deena’s positive attitude during training propelled her forward and the mental strategies she used to get through tough spots in her races.

Kastor family. photo credit: Deena Kastor

Here’s my favorite quote from the book, (see page 86)

It took tremendous effort to control those thoughts. My brain easily slipped back into negativity, and I found I had to stay on top of my thinking in the same way I had to remain conscious and diligent about my pace in a workout. “Oh, you’re doing it again”, I said to myself when I became aware of negativity, being careful not to rebuke myself and therefore wind up being negative about being negative. I told myself: Find a thought that serves you better.

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Also Mentioned in This Episode

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Shout Out!

Hi guys! I’ve been listening to your podcast for quite a while now, and I can finally say I’ve joined the marathon club. I ran the Cleveland Marathon in May and I couldn’t have done it without your tips, stories, and constant motivation. I listen to the podcast all the time while training and, in the spirit of not trying anything new on race day, had it playing for approximately the first half of the marathon. It felt amazing to prove everybody wrong, including myself, as I was having doubts as race day approached. I am injury free and feel so much more confident in my ability to change my life as I see fit. I cannot thank you enough. -Avery

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