Photos from This Year’s MTA Virtual Half Marathon

Shaun Nelson ran his 13.1 at Y Mountain in Utah

Runners from 48 U.S. states (plus Puerto Rico) and 19 countries participated in this year’s virtual half marathon and lots of hills, overpasses, and mountains were eaten like candy!

Huge Congrats to all the finishers!

Here are some of the photos and reports we gathered up from runners. . .

The 2019 MTA Podcast Virtual Half

Official Stats from this Year’s Race:

423 total participants

Runners from the Following Countries:

  • USA 🇺🇸
  • Canada 🇨🇦
  • Australia 🇦🇺
  • Mexico 🇲🇽
  • Japan 🇯🇵
  • Thailand 🇹🇭
  • India 🇮🇳
  • Ireland 🇮🇪
  • United Kingdom 🇬🇧
  • Switzerland 🇨🇭
  • Germany 🇩🇪
  • Denmark 🇩🇰
  • Sweden 🇸🇪
  • Finland 🇫🇮,
  • Norway 🇳🇴
  • The Netherlands 🇳🇱
  • Ukraine 🇺🇦
  • New Zealand 🇳🇿
  • China 🇨🇳

Additionally we had runners do their virtual half while abroad in Turkey 🇹🇷, Singapore 🇸🇬, and Bermuda 🇧🇲 to the best of our knowledge.

We had 48 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. The only states we didn’t get were MT and LA

We had 7 Canadian provinces/territories: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Yukon

We had 4 out of 8 states in Australia: Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia

Running in Wyoming

I’ve really wanted to do a trail half marathon for my MTA Virtual but winter comes early in Wyoming. We got a break this year though. So I put together a course on our local trails (Bridger Teton National Forest). Since we’re eating hills like candy this year I threw in nearly 3,000’ in elevation. -John D.

Running in Turkey 🇹🇷

Greetings from Istanbul! I did this run on the European bank of the Bosphorus Straits, and the land mass behind me in the photo is the Asian bank. Very happy to have snuck in this run on the last day of November, and truly thankful to Angie, Trevor and the entire MTA family for the wonderful knowledge and motivation that led me to discover and achieve my potential as a marathon runner. All the best, -Turgut C.

Running in Beautiful Vermont

I ran my virtual 1/2 marathon today and it was the first time I’ve run any sort of distance since running the Nor’witch marathon that Angie also ran in October. Thankfully the weather was much better today as I ran along the same course as that marathon. I started and finished at our family’s centennial farm. So thankful to get this run in and to enjoy the beauty of Norwich, Vermont! Great job everyone!! -Emily

This is my 3rd year doing it, but I wasn’t going to – in part because I live in Vermont and November is COLD! I hate cold. (I know, I know, I still live here!) . . .My first 7 miles were just fine – I was pretty comfortable. Once the sun dropped below the trees, it became more uncomfortable. By mile 9 my legs were numb. I was still moving forward, but much slower. This is typical rolling Vermont countryside, with 885 ft elevation gain – but 1735 ft elevation loss, which normally makes it feel easier. It *should* have felt easier in the later miles, but I was slowing. This time it was my body slowing down, while my mind was still willing. I had just a loose goal to do better than I did at the Nor’witch – and was able to, although just barely. Now that it’s behind me, though, I definitely feel like I ate those hills like candy! -Ingrid S.

Running in Kansas

I ran the Arkansas River path in Wichita, KS and it was a beautiful sunshiny day! About 37 degrees with a light breeze. I have to tell you all that I’ve gone through a complete life shift and I needed this more than you know. I’m starting to settle into this next chapter and I haven’t been running due to handling so much business. Running really is my outlet. Runners are my people. I needed this virtual half and all of your posts to remind me to come home to our running community. Thank all so much and stay awesome!! -Traci N.

Running on the Appalachian Trail

And with that, third MTA virtual half is in the books. I feel really good about this run. I felt strong. I’ve been recovering and rehabbing a hip injury for a few months. I actually finished a little faster than I thought I would. Also did a mid run race report (inspired by Trevor’s mid race audio) for my podcast. Had to pick the path with the most hills I could think of. Thank you AT. -Jonathan G.

Running in Sweden

Today we ran the MTA Virtual Half in perfect November weather in Gothenburg, Sweden. The route we chose was along the river “Göta älv” and we crossed both of the major bridges of our city so our motto was “We eat bridges like candy”. We have had less than perfect training so it was though, but we had a lot of fun! -Solgerd E.

Running in the West Virginia

21st Half Marathon. Third year running the @marathonacademy virtual half with runners checking in from all over the world. I am so proud to get to represent my great WV mountain state. ⛰❤️ This year’s race theme is “I eat hills like candy” so I did just that in Harpers Ferry, running every hill I could find. Next week I’m doing another version of this with a friend….because I love eating hills so much, I’ll eat em twice, and besides, what’s better than running them with a friend?! 😜 -Jennie B.

Running in The Netherlands

MTA Virtual Half is in the pocket! The chilly temperatures in the morning make me dress up like a run ninja, but the scenery is oh so magic 🙂 Greetings everybody from the Netherlands! -Bob V.

Running in Minnesota

My “I eat hills like candy” 13.1 mile tribute to MTA! Listened to you guys for 2 hours and took a picture every mile as a thank you to everything you guys do! This 13.1 brought me to 3500 injury free miles since I began running again in 2016! 10 official half marathons and 10 full marathons. This academy is a very special place that I’m so thankful to be a part of. Congratulations to everyone who’s finished! -Ryan H.

Running in Oregon

Decided to take it easy on this one and run with my BRF (best running friend) on the Banks to Vernonia Trail in NW Oregon. Stopped many time to take pictures and use portapots 😬. A beautiful and perfect morning to be out there and glad I had the excuse of running 13.1 again before the end of the month. Even made myself a medal to celebrate the achievement. Thanks Angie and Trevor for sponsoring this great event! -Ariel T.

Running in New South Wales

MTA Virtual Half Marathon completed 😊. I named my half marathon the “Tour of Mt Mitchell” – which is the name of our neighbours farm and also the highest hill in our local rural area in the north west slopes of New South Wales, Australia. It was so lovely to get out and explore our backyard with my partner and think of the MTA community across the globe doing the same. -Sally P.

Running in Arizona

Completed my Virtual Half running down Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, AZ 🙂 -Teri M.

Running in Georgia

MTA virtual half marathon done and dusted! Loved eating hills like candy 🍬 this morning in my neighborhood outside Atlanta. I was initially going to use a 30K trail race last weekend but the hills were brutal and got the best of me so today I got redemption! Now taper time for Philly marathon in 2 weeks! Happy running to all! -Kathleen L.

Running in Brisbane

Ran my MTA half today. I’ve unfortunately had to take a big step backwards in my running from about August this year as I have a heart condition, but my cardiologist cleared me to run this as long as I kept it “easy” and my heart rate below 140 or so. So it was a slow half, but probably about as fast as I could go seeing as I haven’t run anything longer than 10k in a few months! I also brought a friend of mine along, and she did her first ever half marathon! -Fook L.

Running in Texas

In preparation for my 38th bday this coming Monday I ran my MTA Virtual Half marathon at 5:30 am. 38 degrees 🥶. Thanks Trevor and Angie!! Happy Running from Spring, TX 🏃🏻‍♀️💪 -Lina M.

Running in Nebraska

Did my virtual 1/2 today. Met some friends at the local Lake Zorinsky. . . I ended up PR’ing by 5 minutes. I’ve listened to so many podcasts where the runner says they just go hard and risk a burnout and I thought that’s what I should do today. The temperature was 38° but there was a 12 mph wind that made it feel colder. I dressed just right though and didn’t need to get rid of any layers. – Penny North.

Running in Bermuda

We ran our MTA virtual half marathon as our vacation’s long run on Bermuda today. The greater part was on the famous „Old Railway Trail“. The railroad that once ran all over the Island from one end to the other (22mi). It was abandoned in 1948, tracks were removed later and now it serves as a wonderful trail for running, cycling or walking. Still 18mi long. We chose the western half from the far west end – the Royal Dockyard – to Hamilton, the Island‘s Capital. Check out some pics we took along the way. Greetings from Franziska and Andy (Munich)

Running in Puerto Rico

MTA Virtual Half done!!! Happy to share some photos of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. -Dennise L.

Running in California

Mission accomplished! I wanted to earn the “I Eat Hills Like Candy” medal so I ran in Palos Verdes, CA & definitely encountered some hills. Haven’t ran more than 8 miles since May so I was curious to see how I’d do without the risk of blowing an actual race. I surprised myself! Threw in an extra .11 for good measure. This was a lot of fun. I look forward to getting my swag. Good luck everyone. -Tiffany M.

Running in Queensland

Very pleased to have my 2nd MTA Virtual Half done and dusted 🥳 – thanks Angie and Trevor for hosting. Ran around the Blue Water Trail in Mackay, Queensland 🇦🇺 again this year which takes in the Coral Sea and the Pioneer River … and the Gooseponds if you live on the north side of the city 😉. Not a PR but pleased to be able cover the distance 🏃🏻‍♀️☺️. Enjoying seeing where others are running … being from the tropics 🏖 I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even get out the door in the snow 🥶 😆. -Carole D.

Running in New York

Perfect morning for a run! Thinking of all the excitement at the starting corrals for the NYC Marathon across the river and wishing everyone running a fantastic experience! Will be heading over there soon to cheer runners on! -Lyndsey S.

Finding “Hills” in Florida

MTA virtual half complete with some man made Florida “hills”😉This was a training run for my third full coming up December 1 and was my fastest 13.1 since starting to run 4 years ago. I always said I’d never run a marathon but this podcast helped to change my mind, my goals and my life. I’m so grateful! 🏃‍♀️🧡 -Venessa G

First Half Marathon

I did it!! This was my longest distance to date, and I REALLY wanted that training plan. 🤪 I am a new runner, and I am inspired by Trevor. I probably train more along his style, but I aspire to be more like Angie. 😎 The last two miles were the toughest, but I hung in there and finished it strong while listening to the interview with Coach Bob Larson. Now that’s a guy to look up to! Running at 80…..I aspire to be healthy and become a life long runner! 😂 Even though I was running alone, I still had the love and support of my oldest daughter who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was cheering me on through snap chat, and I was so glad to have her support! ❤️ -Anginette L., Oklahoma


I had a Great time with friends doing my first virtual half marathon 🤙🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️😎 -Andrew K.

Four-Legged Running Buddy

Finished my virtual half today! What a great run! The first 5 miles were squirrel patrol with my trusty running buddy. Thanks for the inspiration Trevor and Angie! I just ran in my neighborhood for convenience so no wonderful scenery but a couple of colorful trees. I also got that speed limit sign to say 8 miles per hour but it clicked off as soon as I took the pic so you’ll have to take my word for it. 🤣 -Maggie L

Up at 4:30 A.M.

Hooorrrrrayyy…….set the alarm for 4.30am and got it done before the wind came up.
Started running in June last year (age 62)and very happy to now have two halves under my belt. Thanks Trevor and Angie for your tremendous support and love your podcasts.
I live on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia. -David H.

Powering Up the Hills

I usually try and stick to flat routes but in honour of the medal I included hills in today’s long run which I’m using for my virtual half. I powered up them telling myself “I eat hills” as I went and it felt awesome! This is the best I’ve felt in a long run for months. Thanks MTA for the motivation to push myself and have fun in the process. 😊 -Rachel M.

MTA Coach Athena

It was a late start this morning…oh insomnia how I loathe you. It was a beautiful morning. Many people out at the Mission’s and cemeteries celebrating Dia de los Muertos. A lot of time reflecting on those that have passed on & remembering to live each moment as if today is our last. Love of the run. Celebrate life! -Athena Farias

Getting it Done in the Cold

Started running last year mid December and started listening to the MTA Podcast in the end of November. Couldn’t run last year virtual half with no training but I’m happy I did this year dispare the cold and windy day 🥶 (-10°C). Happy runs everyone!! 🏃‍♀️🙌🏼😃 -Vanessa F.

Nothing like waiting until the last day! But I did it. In honor of the metal saying, i chose the hilliest route I could. It’s not my fastest race but with 1,145 ft of elevation I am proud I finished not to mention it was a cold 22 degrees here in NY!! I listened to the MTA podcast the entire time and would occasionally yell out release the kraken and I eat hills like candy!! Also very grateful that my fiancé met me at mile 8 to finish the hilliest part of my course. Also had a good laugh that he even busted out a sign for me. This was my 3rd race this year and 6th half and I’m so very grateful and proud!! -Steffi F.

Well I set out 2 different times to do this run in November and they didn’t happen. The weather here is set to turn around next week. But I needed to finish it in November. It was -17C (1F) plus a windchill today. But I drove into Calgary and got it done. No more excuses for me. I had to put my hydration tube in my coat to keep it from freezing. My butt was numb at the end. BUT I finished in 2:10 a personal best for me. I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t even get to celebrate with chocolate cuz I had to get home to get the kids off the bus!!! -Karen

Getting it Done in the Heat

My daughter and I both entered the virtual half, and ran the Singapore half marathon together, today. 32 C / 90F and 90% humidity, even though the race only starts at 6pm in the evening – we weren’t aiming for a fast time! Thanks Trevor and Angie – the virtual race generates such nice stories from around the globe! -Mike and Caitlin

Got it done on the last day of November. I almost didn’t get up and out today, but two things got me going 1) Reading all your posts throughout the month. This MTA group is truly inspiring! 2) My husband said “you will regret not getting it done.”
Pics from my hot and humid run in Austin, TX where we spent Thanksgiving. Heading back to the NE tomorrow in time for snow. Thank you Trevor and Angie! Woohoo! Another Half in the books 🏃🏽‍♀️. -Wynnie H.

Getting it Done on the Treadmill

Finished my Virtual Half! It’s been great sharing this November with all of you! -Spencer B.

From Sydney Australia 🇦🇺, I ran the 2019 MTA virtual half-marathon on my home treadmill in my garage for the second year in a row (this time with an incline). I managed to complete the half in a PR/PB of 91 minutes 57 seconds which is an improvement on my race time in 2018. I will be looking to break 90 minutes in my quest to crack a sub3 hour marathon in 2020! Once again, really enjoyed the challenge of the virtual race and to have the support of the entire Marathon Training Academy members!! – -Jensen M.

Father Daughter Virtual Run

My Dad and I both ran the Virtual Half today! He ran it on the trails at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Westchester County, NY, and I ran it in Dublin, where I am spending the semester studying abroad! Dad ate those hills like candy & had a classic trail run experience: at 12.92 miles, with the parking lot in sight, the bridge over the stream had washed away! He had to find his way through some brambles, and then got to sprint to the finish. His wandering Trail Run Brain also made some fun fueling puns such as: “I’m feeling Gu’d! Are you Gel-ous?” -Katie and Jeff Owens

In Celebration of Being a Mom

Today is my daughter’s birthday, and to celebrate the day that I became a mom, I set out to complete the MTA virtual half marathon! Since our theme is “I eat hills like candy,” I chose a course with plenty of elevation and incredible local trails. 868ft of elevation gain, temps that dropped from 36 to 30, discovering that the water fountains have been shut off, and a phone that kept going on SOS mode and calling my emergency contacts (oops)…definitely did not lack adventure. Loved running and reflecting on my kiddos, different paths to take in life, and the tranquility of nature. Took it easy, and felt strong even just 10 days post NYC Marathon! 🥳

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    So fun! I can’t wait to do it again 😅

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