Interview with Marshall Ulrich

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In this episode we speak with Marshall Ulrich, a legendary ultra runner, record holder and competitor on the World’s Toughest Race Eco Challenge Fiji on Amazon Prime. And in the quick tip segment, Angie will share how to keep running strong as you get older.

Interview with Marshall Ulrich

You may have seen Marshall Ulrich on the Amazon Prime show World’s Toughest Race Eco Challenge Fiji, competing with Team Stray Dogs. He is one of only two competitors to have competed in all nine Eco Challenges. He has also climbed to the top of Mount Everest, run across the United States from coast to coast in 52 days, and crossed 146 miles through Death Valley on foot 30 times.
He has written two excellent books: Running on Empty and Both Feet on the Ground.

Also Mentioned in the Episode

Marshall Ulrich website:

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