A Runner’s Weight-Loss Journey

(This story is from my younger sister Autum Haley who started working with MetPro after she saw my success).

After having my fourth baby in 2018, I was frustrated about weight loss and stuck at twenty pounds heavier than I wanted to be.

Despite doing all the things I’d previously done to lose weight after my other pregnancies, nothing worked and two years passed. It was the definition of stubborn weight — weight that refuses to budge despite your best efforts and doing all the “right” things.

Thanks to my sister Angie (who all you MTA followers might know!) I started working with a MetPro nutrition coach in January, here are my results . . .

A Runner’s Weight-Loss Journey

My stubborn weight made me want to quit trying. Despite reading many books on nutrition and studying and trying various diets, my discouragement increased as the “go-to’s” for losing weight kept failing.

I’d tell myself, what’s the big deal — why not just learn to be happy with where you’re at? My goal was and still is to be grateful for my body at any stage, but what affected me more than anything was fatigue, sluggishness, feeling heavy on my runs, and lacking motivation (in running and life).

My quality of life was suffering. I felt blocked from achieving my goals: running PRs, fitting into my clothes, being healthy, having more energy, feeling confident and overall just showing up for myself and my family.
Although I was skeptical about anything weight-loss related, MetPro seemed to be different from other plans. I had seen first-hand the results of MetPro in my sister’s life and had been amazed at how her body-composition, running and energy had transformed in the year she’d been on it. I dared to hope that I could get results too.

Finally losing weight again

After my initial call with MetPro, I got on a plan with coach Natalie and in six weeks had lost twelve pounds! That felt like a miracle after being stuck in place for two years.

I also had more energy and my runs felt lighter and faster. I learned so much in those first two months about my body and food. Despite all my previous study, I didn’t know how to put my knowledge together into a comprehensive, doable plan (and it doesn’t help that there’s so much contradictory information out there!)

Getting my metabolism dialed in

Being 36, my metabolism was not responding to diet and exercise like it previously had. That’s why MetPro’s unique focus on profiling my individual metabolism and crafting a plan for where my body was at was the key that unlocked my weight-loss.

The strategy of contrast enables your body to move past the inevitable plateaus. Additionally, it was a relief to take the guesswork out of what to eat, when to eat it and how to plan and track it all — while sustaining energy for training and the rest of life!

Many diets deliver initial changes — but are unsustainable and crash your energy. This program allows me to have energy to train for marathons and feel healthy. Metpro is anything but a quick fix. It teaches you to fuel like an athlete (three meals and two snacks a day with carefully combined macronutrients), while also supporting weight-loss goals. My body needed an individual, finely-tuned plan to function at its best. It required effort and dedication but the results are worth it.

New half marathon PR and 20 pound weight loss

On March 1st 2020, I ran a PR (01:49:47) at the One City Half marathon! It was a major accomplishment to be running stronger than I had in years. Reducing inflammation overall equalled more results in training, better recovery with less aches and pains, and eventually, I lost the entire 20 lbs!

Sometimes I veer off plan (I’m human), but my weekly coaching calls help keep me motivated and adjust the areas that need help.
Thanks to Marathon Training Academy and MetPro (plus hard work and consistent effort) I am fitter, stronger and overall healthier than I’ve been in years.

There’s always days or weeks (or years!) when life throws unexpected challenges, but having people on my team keeping me accountable, makes it easier to get back on track and stay in the game for the long-term. I’m thankful I learned how to put healthy principles into action for my unique body and metabolism.

Getting unstuck in weight-loss has been transformative and I’m excited to continue my running in a healthier and stronger body.

By Autum Haley

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Autum Haley with Angie at the One City Half Marathon

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