[Part 2] Ask the Coach Q&A with Special Guest Joel Pearson

In this episode special guest Joel Pearson, collegiate running coach and one of the coaches here at MTA answers questions sent in by the community about building endurance, injury prevention, running streaks, speedwork, stretching before a run, and more.

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Q&A with Coach Joel Pearson

Joel Pearson holds a Master of Science in Sport Management, and the highest certification in USATF and IAAF with distinction. He is a collegiate Head Coach and Course Instructor for USATF. He’s one of our amazing coaches here at MTA helping amateur runners reach breakthroughs.

Inspired by his father Jim Pearson who held the US record for fastest 50 miler, Joel has been running 3 miles a day since age eight!

Fun fact: Jim Pearson has a 50 year running streak going and is currently ranked #2 on the Running Streak Association website.

I hope you enjoy this episode. In addition to answering listener questions Coach Joel discusses ‘Positive Coaching’ methodology, “The Five Biomotor Abilities”, and what it was like to take an athlete to the World Championships in Doha, Qatar, where it was 100 degrees (F) at midnight.

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