Get prepared, run with confidence!

Thanks to Berenise for sharing her experience with our coaching services! She writes,

My husband surprised me by gifting me 3 months of MTA coaching for Christmas. It came at a perfect time as I was getting ready to run my 8th half marathon.

I was assigned to Coach Lynn, who has an incredible running history and she’s also a nutritionist – she’s impressive! I didn’t know what to expect but coach Lynn quickly helped me identify key goals and I was amazed by all that I learned.

Get prepared, run with confidence!

I looked forward to reading coach Lynn’s detailed emails with feedback on my runs and information for continued progress. I learned to focus on my breathing, pacing, conquering hills, increasing my speed, fueling, and pre and post run exercises.

I ran the Zion half marathon on 3/2/24 and finished in 2:11:15 seconds. This was a goal I wanted to accomplish. Not only was I able to improve my time, I was able to enjoy the race and run with confidence knowing I was prepared for this hilly course.

I’m thankful to Coach Lynn for teaching me how to run! I recommend MTA coaching to anyone who is looking to get better in this sport and enjoy the miles. This has been an invaluable experience.

Thank you MTA,

-Berenise Balguma

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