9 Simple Running Shoe Tips

We’ve been thinking about running shoes lately since our conversation with Brian Metzler on the MTA Podcast who has personally tested over 1,500 pairs.

Admittedly I am also a shoe geek -I can remember the first pair of running shoes I bought at age 14, and the shoes I used for my first marathon in at age 29.

I’ve done my last 5 marathon in the On Cloudswifts (pictured here).

Here are nine simple shoe tips I’ve found useful in my running journey no matter what brand you run in . . .

9 Simple Running Shoe Tips

  1. There is no one perfect shoe for every runner.
  2. If you’re new to running or it’s been a few years try to find a specialty running store to get fitted for a new pair of shoes. Your foot may also change during/after pregnancy or after a weight loss or gain. The shoe store employee should ask about your running: mileage/surfaces/any issues you currently have.
  3. The shoe should feel comfortable, fit your heel well, and allow for room to wiggle your toes.Try to try the shoe on with socks similar to the ones you wear for running and go later in the day when your feet have swelled a little (to mimic the fit you’ll have after a few miles of running). The size you wear in “normal” shoes may not be the size of running shoes you need and brands often have different fits.
  4. Track the mileage on your shoes.
  5. Try to add another pair to your shoe rotation/quiver before the old pair is worn out.
  6. Wear different types of shoes/models for different types of runs.
  7. Don’t wear your running shoes for other activities (you can do this with retired shoes).
  8. Avoid storing your shoes in extreme temps. Wash shoes as needed by hand or in a gentle washing machine cycle. Do not put in dryer or near radiator. Take out lining and lightly stuff with newspaper to speed drying.
  9. Consider donating old shoes after you retire them. Many can go on to have a long second life for someone else even if they are budget running shoes.

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