4 Great Ways to Stay Active While You’re Stuck Inside

Being in voluntary self-isolation or a mandated lockdown is never fun. Not only does it quickly get boring, but unless you have a full gym setup in your home, it presents serious challenges for maintaining your physical health. That doesn’t mean that you can’t remain active while you’re stuck inside, though. Here are 4 ways of doing just that.

Start Lifting Weights
Weightlifting is one of the most common exercises out there, and with good reason. When most of us think of someone working out, our minds go straight to the classic image of a weightlifter doing bicep curls with a dumbbell. Weightlifting, and bicep curls, in particular, have been enduringly popular because they target highly-visible muscles. Bulging biceps are generally taken as a reliable indicator of strength and fitness.

While in lockdown, you can still work on toning those arm muscles pretty easily. You don’t need to purchase professional gym equipment to be able to benefit from weightlifting. Any weight, whether it’s a dumbbell or a bottle of water, can be used to produce the same effects as lifting weights in the gym.

This is one of the easiest activities to do while you’re inside and it will lead to reliable gains in strength and muscle mass. However, be aware that weightlifting exercises, while great for building muscle, aren’t so good for building ‘useful’ strength. Weights only tend to exercise individual muscles, whereas most day to day activities require different muscles to work together.

Practice Push-Ups
Push-ups are another popular exercise option that anyone can do. You don’t need any special equipment or training to be able to add pushups into your routine – they are a pure bodyweight exercise.

Not only are pushups easy to do, but there is also now a plethora of apps available that will enable you to increase the number of pushups that you are able to do in a controlled manner. The thought of doing 100 pushups in a single session might seem completely unachievable to many people, but with the help of the right app, you can increase your abilities to this level relatively easily.

Push-ups will also exercise multiple different muscles simultaneously. This makes them an excellent way of improving general fitness rather than working on a specific muscle only.

Practice Your Sport Technique
Just because you aren’t able to go outside and play your preferred sport, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still practice your technique and ensure that you are in optimal condition when you are finally able to play again like normal.

For example, if you are a keen golfer, you might want to consider investing in a golf launch monitor that will measure your swing and provide you with very precise ball data, which you can use to refine your technique.

Look Online for Guided Routines
The internet is a fantastic resource for learning about all kinds of things. With the current lockdown in full swing around the globe, many people have been tuning into YouTube looking for health and fitness advice. As a result, you can now find plenty of guided exercise routines available on the video-sharing website.

Just make sure that before you start following a particular routine, you check it out to ensure that it is safe. Naturally, there are people trying to cash in on the current prices, and one of the ways that they are doing this is by uploading useless exercise routines to YouTube.

If you are determined to stay in shape and remain active in spite of the current lockdown, there are plenty of ways that you can do so. The ideas we have outlined above are just 4 of the many techniques you can use to stay fit during lockdown.

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