10 Year Anniversary of the MTA Podcast 🎉

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In this special episode we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the podcast and take a look back at episode #1 and why we started running marathons.

Plus, we play a game called “Guess the Guest” (we know it’s a clunky name).

10 Year Podcast Anniversary

When I first pitched Angie the idea of starting a podcast (in 2010) she said, “What’s a podcast?”. She was low-tech and I was a brand new runner who had just gotten off the couch (metaphorically speaking).

Now because of our amazing listers we are the #1 show on Marathon Training on the internet and have passed 8.7 million total downloads!

In ten years we’ve done 312 episodes and completed 78 marathons. We’ve had approximately 124 guests on the podcast from elite athletes, best selling authors, coaches, CEO’s, doctors, scientists, race directors, and Olympians . . . to many everyday runners getting it done.

The oldest guest so far was the late Ed Whitlock age 85 (he ran a sub 4 hour marathon and was an age group record holder) from Canada. The youngest guest was 11 year old Nikolas Toocheck -the youngest runner to complete a marathon on all 7 continents.

We’ve had 10 Olympians on the show: Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi, Alexi Papas, Carrie Tollefson, Jared Ward, Shalane Flanagan, Frank Shorter, Jeff Galloway, Deana Kastor, and Adam Goucher.

We’ve done approximately 58 race recaps. Our first one was episode 32 when I ran my first half marathon.

We’ve met listeners (in person) in every state of the United States as well as in Canada, the UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. More countries are in the works!

Here is what we looked like in 2010 . . .

Spencers 2010

Here is what our family looks like now . . .

Listed in the top 14 of All-Time Bestsellers in the Fitness category in iTunes


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