Weight Loss Tips for Marathoners

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In this podcast episode we bring you a special conversation with our nutrition coach, Natalie Mason, about how marathoners can lose weight and still maintain energy to do what they love.

And in the quick tip segment I’ll share how you can incorporate lower body strength training into your routine and never skip leg day again!

Weight Loss Tips for Marathoners

Our Guest on This Episode

Natalie Mason is a Managing Dietitian at MetPro -a company that provides concierge nutrition and fitness coaching. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Food Science and Masters of Science in Nutrition Sciences. She’s a Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

In this conversation will you hear why marathon training doesn’t automatically lead to weight loss, the most common mistakes runners make with their diet, how the principle of “contrast” through “up adjusting” and “down adjusting” leads to metabolic proficiency, and the shocking number of runners who do zero strength training.

How This Interview Came About

In late 2015 I started inexplicably gaining weight despite keeping up my marathon training schedule (I ran 10 marathons and ultras that year) and eating as healthy as I knew how. The weight continued to pile on much to my chagrin.

I finally realized that I was dealing with a hormonal imbalance -probably due to a combination of stress and other factors. I began working with a functional medicine doctor who put me on thyroid medicine for one year until my hormones balanced. Thankfully, I was able to go off all medications but the extra weight (about 35 pounds) did not budge.

I encourage people to appreciate their bodies and keep pursuing their running goals no matter what they weigh. But as a runner the extra weight does impact your joints, energy levels, and can effect your marathon times. For me it was like carrying around an extra 35 pound weight on all of my runs and in daily life.

I started working with Natalie from MetPro in November of 2018 and have lost 26 pounds at the time we recorded this podcast episode. I was initially skeptical at first but MetPro has been an amazing system for helping me reduce fat and keep my energy levels high for doing what I love . . . which is running marathons! And Natalie is a wonderful coach as you will hear in our interview.

Also Mentioned in This Episode

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2 Responses to Weight Loss Tips for Marathoners

  1. Denise June 24, 2019 at 10:52 pm #

    What about intermittent fasting for runners? If you do a follow-up with Natalie Mason, I would love to hear her thoughts on this. Did she end up adding more carbs back to Angie’s diet?

    • Angie Spencer June 26, 2019 at 8:47 am #

      Hi Denise, Great questions! Using intermittent fasting ((F) as a weight loss strategy does work for some runners. However, we often find that marathoners (or those focused on higher mileage and performance) often have trouble fueling and recovering from workouts properly. If a person chooses to use intermittent fasting it’s best done during the “off season” or during a period where they’re focused more on easy running. Women of childbearing age also need to be careful because IF can sometimes contribute to hormonal imbalances.

      With the MetPro system they use macro contrast to increase the metabolism and encourage fat loss. For some weeks I’ll be on a higher percentage of carbs and on “cut” phases I’m on a low percentage of carbs.

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