An Inside Look into the Life of an Elite Runner – Interview with Tina Muir

photo credit: Tina Muir

photo credit: Tina Muir

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Tina Muir is a 2:41:10 marathoner and team member of the Saucony Hurricanes. She’s also community manager and podcaster at Runner’s Connect.

Originally from England, Tina moved to the States in 2007 to pursue her running career. She capped off her collegiate career by finishing 3rd in the 10k at the 2012 Great Britain Olympic Trials.

She spent two years working as an Assistant Coach for La Salle University in Philadelphia while completing her MBA

At the time of this episode Tina lives in central Kentucky and is engaged to be married.

Questions for Tina Muir

  1. You recently set a PR at the London Marathon in April. Talk about that experience and what it was like being an elite at such a huge and prestigious event?
  2. So what is an elite runner and what perks come with the job?
  3. How did you develop an interest in running and what made you focus on the marathon distance?
  4. You’re originally from England. What brought you to the states and what type of running opportunities have you been part of here?
  5. You talk a lot about food and fueling over on your blog. Have you always enjoyed cooking? What is your personal fueling and eating philosophy?
  6. How can busy people focus on eating more healthfully?
  7. Do you do any cross training or other exercise to supplement your running?
  8. What are your future running goals?
  9. Who are some runners that you admire?
  10. Tell us about the Run to the Top podcast. Have you found podcasting to be a lot of work?

Mentioned in this Episode

Tina’s Website:
Runner’s Connect PodcastRun to the Top

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