Run the Mile You’re In! Interview with Ryan Hall

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In this episode we speak with Ryan Hall -2x Olympian, American record holder, and author of the book Run the Mile You’re In. And in the quick tip segment, we answer a listener question about how to deal with chafing.

Interview with Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall set the U.S. record in the half marathon when he ran 59:43 at the Houston Half Marathon in 2007- the first American to break the one hour barrier. He placed 10th at the Olympic Marathon in Beijing. He’s the only American to run sub-2:05 (2:04:58 at Boston). His wife Sara is currently an elite runner and they have four adopted daughters from Ethiopia. In this episode we walk through the big themes of his new book Run the Mile You’re In.

In this interview Ryan shares . . .

  • What it means to run the mile you’re in.
  • The importance of identity and the ability to not take your failures personally.
  • How the African runners process failure.
  • Goals of the heart.
  • The comparison trap.
  • Dealing with pain.
  • Having a healthy body image.

Mental toughness isn’t something you either have or don’t have. Mental toughness starts with the belief that you are mentally tough, and it is nurtured through positive declarations.

Competing out of love results in superior strength. The next time you find yourself in a painful situation, find a way outside of yourself. Think about your love for God, your family, your friends, those you are helping. There is more strength inside of you than you can imagine when you fix your eyes on Jesus. All you have to do is stay close and stay in love, and you can endure incredible pain.

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