Rest, Refocus, Recharge

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In this episode we speak with Dr. Greg Wells, a Canadian physicist, adventurer and author of the book Rest, Refocus, Recharge: A Guide for Optimizing Your Life.

Interview with Dr. Greg Wells

Greg Wells is a performance physiologist, a researcher in translational medicine, and CEO of a Wells Performance a global consulting firm. He is also the author of The Ripple Effect and Superbodies. He and his family make their home in Toronto, Canada.

Interview Questions:

  • Tell us what you do as a performance physiologist and researcher in translational medicine.
  • Long distance runners often focus a lot on the workout side of the equation and are often not as deliberate about recovery. Can you tell us why being deliberate about recovery can help us get the most out of ourselves and feel better in the process?
  • I’m endlessly fascinated by sleep and as an endurance runner know how important it is for me to feel good and perform well. What are some practical things we can do to sleep better?
  • Much of how we experience stress is how we think about it. Why is it important to pivot from seeing stress as a threat to a challenge?
  • One big current stress has been the global pandemic and all the uncertainty surrounding this. How can we activate awareness to gain a better perspective of our current situation (or any future stressful situation)?
  • How is mindfulness helpful in changing the brain? What are some concrete things that people can do to be more mindful in daily life?
  • What are some of the benefits of cold therapy?
  • What is the Act-Feel-Think sequence?

photo credit: Greg Wells

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  1. Laura Roth June 18, 2020 at 4:54 pm #

    Great interview! I’m going to get his book. What was the other book that Angie mentioned she was reading about aging?

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