Running a Marathon is Not Rocket Science 🤯

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In this podcast episode we speak with rocket scientist and runner Melissa Corley Carter PhD who took on the challenge of running a marathon on every continent. And in the quick tip segment we feature a question about intermittent fasting for runners.

Running a Marathon is Not Rocket Science

Melissa Corley Carter, PhD is a rocket scientist, Air Force reservist and life coach.

She began running while in the military and soon was signed up for the Big Sur Marathon. Walking through the race expo at Big Sur she saw a table advertising The Seven Continents Club hosted by Marathon Tours and Travel who take runners down to Antartica and to other exotic places.

Melissa thought to herself “That sounds crazy but how can I not do it now that the idea has appeared?”.

Her coffee table book documenting her marathon memoirs from the Seven Continents is called Running the World.

Melissa’s website:

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