My Experience with MTA Coaching

Here’s a testimonial from our client Mark Arceneaux who used MTA Coaching to prepare for the NYC Marathon. He writes,

“Wanted to send a big thank you to MTA and coach Abby for my recent experience with MTA Coaching.

After getting covid in 2021 my next two marathons were a disaster. I thought my marathon career was over but a email from the New York City Marathon in February 2023 told me it wasn’t over yet.

I had thought about a coach in the past but thought how hard could running be and as a 63 year old experience runner, having done over 20 marathons in the last 10 years, why did I need one.

After swallowing my pride I signed up for coaching in March and was glad that I did. She designed a plan that included the running and cycling that I desired. Her recommendations and accountability was just what I was missing, it was challenging but also fit me perfectly.

Running throughout the record heat in south Louisiana this past summer was difficult, but having a plan and a coach that took this into consideration helped me train in a safe manner.

Running 4:37 at the NYC Marathon

We discussed my goals and before setting up my plan which was to run a "strong" not necessary a “fast” marathon. Sticking to the training plan I was able to the the NYC marathon in 4:37 which was 30 minutes faster than my previous two marathons. I ran from start to finish in an even pace with my last mile being my fastest, this has never happen before.

Although I did not set a PR I did set a PB, being this was my Personal Best marathon. I ran and felt strong throughout the race and did not need to take any walking breaks which I have never done.

I am now working with Coach Abby to run a 50K in March 2024 and I know her training will guide me into completing this race feeling strong.

To anyone who is considering coaching, its never to late no matter how long you have been running or how old you are, there is always something to be learned.

Thanks to the entire MTA family and keep the podcast coming, I have more miles left in me.”

-Mark Arceneaux

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