Making Your Way On The Wobbly Road to Success

In this podcast episode we talk with the authors of the book Making Your Way -The Wobbly Road to Success and Happiness in Life and Work. In this conversation you will hear how to adjust and thrive as a runner when your training or your life takes an unexpected turn like it did in 2020.

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Interview with Marion Debruyne and Katleen De Stobbelier

Marion Debruyne is the first female Dean of the Vlerick Business School (Belgium). As a child she dreamed of a career as a ballerina, but she eventually went on to study civil engineering. After a PhD in marketing she became a professor and taught at various American universities. Her academic focus is on marketing strategy, innovation, and competition.

Katleen De Stobbeleir is an Associate Professor at Vlerick Business School. Her academic career has focused on employee proactivity, leadership, coaching, feedback processes, and creativity in organizations. Her research has been published in various international magazines and books. She trained for her first marathon with the help of the MTA Podcast and we are mentioned in the book as a source of inspiration.

I started listening to it when a marathon was really a far away dream. But gradually you convinced me that I could potentially run one. So I registered for the London Marathon. But I had some setbacks along the way. First I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and then London got cancelled. But the encouragement of friends, family and your podcast helped me to stay focused on the dream and live by the mantra “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. So…I ran my first marathon solo. And I also achieved another dream. -Katleen De Stobbeleir

In this conversation you will hear about what Katleen did when the London Marathon was cancelled, which would have been her first marathon. Plus we discuss common myths like “to be successful you have to sacrifice everything else”. How does a busy person balance work, training, and family life? And shockingly . . . a study shows that most people prefer electrical shock over sitting for 10 minutes in absolute silence.

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