Interview with Jan Seeley -Race Director and Publisher of Marathon and Beyond Magazine

Jan Seeley with Danny Bourgeois

Jan Seeley with Danny Bourgeois

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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a big marathon?

In this episode we talk with Jan Seely co-race director at the Christi Clinic Illinois Marathon in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

This race attracts more that 20,000 runners each year and was ranked as one of the best new marathons in 2014 by Runner’s World.

Jan is also co-owner of Marathon and Beyond Magazine -a bimonthly magazine tailored specifically for marathoners and ultrarunners.

In This Episode

  • Jan shares how she became a race director and what it takes to organize a marathon.
  • The fraternity/sorority that exists between race directors.
  • What your marathon medal costs.
  • Do race directors read online reviews?
  • Organizational tips and success habits.
  • A look at the Second Running Boom.
  • The unique circumstances around how Marathon and Beyond Magazine came into being.
  • Why you will never want to throw this magazine away.

Links Mentioned in this Episode

  • For those interested in training for an ultra marathon see the article The Marathon as Springboard by Jeff Hagen, originally published in Marathon and Beyond September/October issue 1997.
  • Free digital download of the 100th issue of Marathon and Beyond

Academy Shout Outs

First Marathon Accomplished!
“. . Aside from child-birth, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It’s actually a little harder than child-birth because, really, I could’ve quit at any point along the way, and I knew that. I am so, so glad that I didn’t quit. I could NEVER have done this without you. Sometimes I feel a little over-whelmed by the members of our Facebook group, the Marathon Maniacs, the members who run so fast, so long, so often that it would be easy for me to belittle my own journey. But for me, with my body and challenges and life circumstances, what I did yesterday, with yours and my family’s help, may just be the biggest accomplishment of my life outside of raising my family. It feels awesome! Thank you!” Amy, Woodlands Marathon, TX

Setting a PR in Edinburgh
Elspeth_A“This is me and my son Scott, after we completed the Meadows Marathon in Edinburgh yesterday! He ran the final mile with me and we both got medals!! I smashed my PB by an amazing eight-and-a-half minutes – I can’t quite believe that yet – and came in at 3 hours, 51 minutes, 37 seconds. Fuelled by cheese, no sugar and no grains! That’s half an hour faster than my first marathon two years ago. I couldn’t be any happier and there’s no doubt in my mind that I couldn’t have done it without my brilliant coach Angie!” -Elspeth from the UK

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  1. Trevor March 18, 2014 at 9:38 pm #

    Our thanks to Jan for the great interview. Runners are such nice people!

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