5 Strategies to Help You Break Your Running Records

Published on June 22, 2023

Is running a sport and activity that you feel passionate about? Do you consider yourself a serious runner in that you track your milestones and goals? If so, there’s no doubt you’re well aware of what your personal bests are. So, what if you want to push yourself further and break your current running records? It’s not an impossible task; in fact, with the right tips and strategies, this is a highly attainable goal to have. Here are five strategies that can help you break your running records.

Start Using Interval Training to Boost Your Endurance
Endurance is something you’ll need to focus on to break a personal best, and one way you can accomplish this is with interval speed training. The premise behind interval training is that you do short bursts of intense activity peppered throughout your workout. For example, you can run at your comfortable pace for 5-10 minutes, then do a short burst of speed running that lasts 1-2 minutes. This will work to condition your body over time, helping you to build your cardio and endurance capabilities.

Be Mindful of the Course You Pick
Another tip is to be mindful about the racecourse or route you choose to break your personal best on. Experts always suggest choosing flat terrain if you are trying to beat your record. This will be the easiest on your joints and allow you to run longer, further and faster. Be sure to also avoid routes that have sharp turns, as you’ll need to slow down as you make the turn. A terrain with hills and bumps has its place and can be exciting and fun to run but save those routes and courses for when you aren’t trying to beat your running records.

Get Yourself a Running Buddy
Many people tend to train harder and more efficiently if they have a workout buddy to do so with. Having someone else train with you will act as motivation and can even offer you useful tips and insight. Just be sure to pick someone who runs at the same pace or a little faster than you so that they don’t end up holding you back.

Have You Tried a Pre-Workout Supplement?
You may be used to having an energy drink or protein shake after an intense workout but what about before your activity begins? A pre-workout supplement that uses natural clean ingredients can transform your runs in all the best ways.

You can find pre-workout supplements in powder form that you mix with the beverage of your choice. A pre-workout supplement can increase your oxygen utilization, increase the time before you start feeling exhausted, help you do extended training sessions, reduce joint pain, and give you a boost of energy. If you find a lack of energy is what’s holding you back from breaking your running record, this could be the solution, since it helps you fight off exhaustion.
Ideally, you want to use a pre-workout supplement 20-30 minutes before your training session/run. So, be sure to factor this into your schedule.

The thing about breaking a personal best record is that it doesn’t tend to happen overnight or by fluke. It takes patience and consistent training efforts that continually push you. Just keep your eyes on the goal and tell yourself that you will succeed.

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