It’s Worth It!

Congrats to our client Charis who overcame setbacks and finished her first marathon last weekend! She writes,

“I am a marathoner! Last weekend I ran the Phoenix Rock n Roll Marathon, a race that has been over a year in the making.

I started training in the summer of 2021 to run it last year, but I was hampered by a quadriceps injury, then got COVID the week of the race and had to defer to this year.

In an effort to prevent injury, I decided to get a running coach through MTA. The best decision I ever made.

Coach Kristen helped me see I was doing too much too quickly, and worked with me to slow down and build a solid base. Throughout the next few months, I felt I was running the best I ever had before.

Then in the summer I woke up with severe back pain that put me out for a few months. I also started a new position at work which further affected my training time. Knowing this, I questioned if the marathon would even be possible.

Despite these setbacks, Coach Kristen encouraged me and felt it was possible. It wasn’t going to be the race I had envisioned it would be when I initially signed up, and despite not having the optimal training that I had hoped,

Coach Kristen believed in me and even thought I would be able to meet all my goals. I was going to give it my best shot.

There were so many times I wanted to quit and questioned if achieving this goal was worth it. But the mantra “I can do hard things” got me through. I’ve done much harder things than running 26.2 miles, why would I let that defeat me?

In the end, I met all my goals

1. To finish the race
2. To do it without an injury that would put me out again for a few months
3. To complete it in under 6 hours

I can do hard things and I will continue to do hard things. It’s worth it.” -Charis

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