Fit, Ready, and Smiling

Congrats to our client Sandy Landers on finishing her first marathon! She ran the 2023 Marine Corps Marathon. She writes,

“When I first started listening to MTA I had no intention of ever running a marathon. Running half marathons was good enough. But after listening to the podcast for a few years, the seed was planted (did I have what it takes?).

I started working with Coach Cindy in January 2022 to get my love of running back and to train for another half. It was a rocky start but then I got into a good rhythm.

I enjoyed training with Cindy and signed up for the 2023 Marine Corps Marathon deciding on a run/walk plan. At the same time I started working with Coach Jesse at Metpro to help fuel the running and to loose the post menopause pounds.

The Marine Corps Marathon

Coach Cindy got me to the start line healthy and more prepared then I thought. With Jesse’s help and encouragement I toed the line 21 pounds lighter (back to my pre menopause weight). I was fit, ready and smiling.

I was so worried about making the gauntlets (time requirements), and how warm it was going to get later in the day, that I ran a minute to a half minute faster per mile than planned and I skipped some of the walk breaks (why walk when running downhill?).

Cindy sent a couple of encouraging messages along the way. Surprisingly I was able to keep up with the pace most of the race and finished 20 minutes faster than I expected.

I thought running a marathon was going to be a one and done for me, but I didn’t hate it. MCM was definitely a good first marathon.” -Sandy Landers

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